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2022 Ford Maverick Prototype Caught Hanging With Production Model

Earlier this month, Ford Authority spies spotted a 2022 Ford Maverick prototype wearing a more aggressive front fascia and other notable differences. These features could possibly indicate that some sort of street performance-oriented Maverick is in the works, or even disguise the fact that this is actually a prototype for an off-road-oriented trim. Now, Ford Authority spies have captured this same 2022 Ford Maverick prototype driving around alongside a Maverick Lariat with the optional 18-inch black-painted wheels, giving us a better look at how the two stack up.

As we can see in these photos, the front fascia on the prototype is quite a bit different than the production Lariat model, starting with the fact that the grille’s center bars are finished in black, while the Blue Oval is blacked out as well. The center portion of the front bumper is completely different as well and is open at the bottom with a gloss black plastic piece present that could possibly serve as a stand-in for a production bash or skid plate.

Back in February, Ford Authority exclusively reported that the Maverick will eventually be available with an off-road-oriented trim, which could potentially be called Timberline like the Ford Explorer Timberline and 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline. Then, in August, Ford Authority exclusively reported that Ford wasn’t ruling out a street performance-focused ST model as either, which we rendered earlier this year.

It’s unclear if this is a Ford Maverick ST or Timberline prototype, or something else entirely, perhaps even a pickup that might bear the Rattler name. As Ford Authority reported this past July, FoMoCo filed to trademark Rattler with the United States Patent and Trademark Office earlier this year, which could be used on off-road-focused vehicles.

While the body kit on this prototype wouldn’t seemingly help the truck’s approach angle, it is fitted with the FX4 Off-Road Package and has that package’s beefier tires as well. It’s also possible that the front fascia is merely there to disguise the fact that this is actually a prototype for an off-road-focused model.

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  1. Roy L. Burnum

    Can you tell me how my dealer can go into my order and correct my email address and put in my personal address.
    There was an error made when they put in my email address.
    The dealer has received an email confirming my order.

  2. JohnTaurus

    Look how much more aggressive the tires are on the prototype vs. the undisguised Maverick. This is an off-road version with a fake, tacked-on “body kit” to distract from the (in reality) better approach angle.

    1. Alan Sheffield

      Yep. Those are Faulkens. I have those on my GMC Canyon.

  3. Thomas Coghlan

    What is the difference between reservation and a n actual order for a new Maverick?

  4. Steve Brant

    The Ford dealer in Chandler, OK tells me it takes one month to ship a new Maverick to him from the assembly plant. Thus is an outrageously long period of time. Please report on Ford’s difficulties in getting vehicles to dealers. Thanks!

  5. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    Well I put $500 down on my Maverick XLT hybrid on July 25 so it should be an order. I hope I was not hoodwinked but I did get a printed order and a day later an acknowledgement of my order.

  6. Justen M Ramírez

    So Ford expects Us Loyalists Who literally bought every Sedan & Hatch(New) to upgrade to a El Camino? I currently own a 2018 Fusion Platinum 2.0Ecoboost and I really wanted that new 2023 Ford Fusion!!! I only have 1 Kid & she doesn’t play Soccer so I don’t want or need a CUV or Small Truck! WHAT ABOUT US?!?! And sales is not the reason because EVERYONE BOUGHT A TAURUS FUSION FOCUS & FIESTA! It’s because of the multiple recalls! But what I don’t get is why sell Different Vehicles with THE SAME EXACT UNDERPINNINGS!!! Ford is Selling Out & Catering To China?! It’s ironic that somehow KIA/Hyundai/Genesis, Toyota, Honda & Nissan can sell Sedans in 🇺🇸 In Large Numbers but Ford can’t?? The Manufacturer Who basically Invented the Segment? My whole family’s disappointed about this because WE ALL BUY FORD SEDANS & HATCHES BRAND NEW! Eventually SUVS will get old just like they did in the 90s! Fords so worried about catering to these trends like they won’t get old. Guess I should go Honda Since Ford doesn’t care about Us Who supported the brand even when the cars were UNRELIABLE. Won’t get another dime out of My Family after this.. THERES A LOT OF PPL WHO STILL PREFER A LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY! How y’all finally Get sedans & hatchbacks right then discontinue it?? Ford & GM are the worst. Always selling out for a trend that’ll last 5 years max

  7. Justen M Ramírez

    I guess Ford can stand for Found Off Road Dead now… since It’s Forget Your Loyalist! Sell Out Company! At Least give Lincoln cars! We already know y’all are just putting different bodies on the same cars🚮. I lost respect for Ford!

  8. Paul Buntin

    Read carefully the fine print before signing any papers at your dealer. My local Ford dealer tried to have me sign form “if financing is approved, you must purchase”. The manufacturer’s offer does not say this. BUYER BEWARE!!


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