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2023 Ford Escape Spotted Again With Revised Grille, Clear Tail Light Housings

Back in September, Ford Authority reported that the Ford Escape would undergo a mid-cycle refresh for the 2023 model year ahead of a more comprehensive redesign planned for 2025. Then, roughly a month later, Ford Authority spies spotted a 2023 Ford Escape prototype for the very first time wearing a modified front end design. Now, our spies have come across yet another 2023 Ford Escape prototype, but this time, it features a different front grille and what appears to be a set of neutral-density (clear) taillights.

The front grille on this particular 2023 Escape prototype features more of a traditional egg crate motif than the previously-seen prototype, which had a highly stylized grille design similar to the one already present on the Ford Edge and Ford Mustang Mach-E. The LED lighting enabled on this prototype’s headlights also runs across the top, while the prior prototype had the lower portions of the headlight lit up with a pair of U-shaped elements.

The other big change can be found in the ear, where this prototype’s taillights are a bit different than those seen on the previous prototype. It’s possible that Ford removed the color from the outer portion of the taillight housings, though it’s unclear if this change is headed to the production model or if it’s simply a characteristic unique to this particular prototype. One possibility is that we’re looking at different trims levels of the Escape refresh.

In addition to these styling revisions, the 2023 Ford Escape will also add a large new infotainment screen, as Ford Authority was first to report earlier this month. It’s unclear how big the new infotainment screen in the 2023 Escape will be, nor what version of SYNC it will run, but other FoMoCo products currently sold with large screens utilize some version of SYNC 4.

In addition to these 2023 Ford Escape prototypes, Ford Authority spies also recently captured the Escape’s Ford C2 platform-mate – a 2023 Lincoln Corsair prototype, along with a possible hybrid model. The 2023 Corsair will also receive a refresh that will consist of slightly revised exterior styling, along with additional tech and new features to help keep it on par with rivals.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    FORD design team lost me with the long noise frontend hopefully the 23 model will fix this issue

  2. Drew (Ford retire)

    The headlamp change is highly welcomed. I haven’t seen enough of the grille change to know how much of a change that it will be. The interior needs a significant change to be competitive — the door trim needs to appear more inviting (the present golf ball dimples look immaturely cheap) and the I/P needs more glam. Last, if Ford is going to force me into non-textile seats, there must be a ventilated function.

  3. Les Oppleman

    When will TPI be added to gdi to help eliminate intake valve coking etc lead to expensive cleaning maintenance?That is what is holding me up replacing my 2003 Explorer and 2005 Escape.Hate to harp e to change to Toyota after so many years of owning Fords.

  4. Alberta English

    Just traded my 2008 Ford Excape had it 3years still had to pay it off the transmission went out but I just traded it in as is like I said still owed on it but i traded it for a2015 Ford Excape hope this one will run longer with no problems

  5. Link

    I was shocked when I saw the *damage* Ford did to the Escape in 2020. New headlamps don’t fix it. No extra cameras, no ventilated seats, no mirror approach lamps, no mirror turn signals, single-note horns, wheels under fenders flared out farther than something from 1975 so you can’t even see the rear wheels from the right-side mirror.. should I go on? Ford cost-cut the Escape to the bone and *destroyed* the SUV that should be at the top of this category instead of being embarrassed by a freaking Equinox.

  6. nlpnt

    No sooner did people realize the guts it took to not give the current model a squinty-eyed “aggressive” face like everything else on the road than they do exactly that in the facelift.


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