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2023 Ford Fusion, Mondeo Exterior Fully Revealed

Over the last few months, Ford Authority spies have spotted a number of 2023 Ford Fusion / Mondeo prototypes out driving around in various stages of disguise. Those photos gave us a peek at the model’s Ford Evos-inspired front-end design, Ford F-150 Lightning-like front LED setup, and the rear end and its Ford Mustang/Ford Mustang Mach-E-inspired taillights. Now, the exterior of the 2023 Ford Fusion / Mondeo has been fully revealed via photos published by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which were first discovered by Motor1.

These photos confirm everything we’ve seen thus far, including the fact that the new Fusion/Mondeo – which will be returning as both a sedan and crossover-like wagon/hatchback – looks an awful lot like the previously-revealed Evos crossover. These particular photos depict the sportier ST-Line trim, which features shiny black finishes to complement the white exterior color, as well as Mondeo script out back, confirming that this model will continue to utilize that nameplate in China, where the current-gen sedan was recently treated to some new tech features.

As we can see from the leaked photos, the new Mondeo will feature a variety of different styling treatments and wheel options depending on trim. That includes tweaks to the front and rear-end styling, four different wheel designs, and a black roof for some models, including this Mondeo ST-Line. The ST-Line rides on a set of 19-inch wheels with 235/45 tires and is powered by a Ford 2.0L gas engine that produces 235 horsepower. At 194.2 inches long, the 2023 Mondeo is 2.6 inches longer than the current model.

As Ford Authority reported last week, the 2023 Fusion / Mondeo interior will also borrow heavily from the Evos in terms of overall aesthetic and technology, which will complement the very similar exterior treatment. At the moment, the next-generation Fusion/Mondeo sedan is being earmarked for China, just like the Evos and the production version of the Lincoln Zephyr Reflection concept, and it’s unclear if it will be available in other markets. However, Europe and North America will likely get the more rugged Active variant.

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  1. crabbymilton

    I’m thus far very happy with my ’21 NISSAN ALTIMA that I bought last week. FORD doesn’t want to bring a sedan to this market so others like me will continue to buy from other builders.

  2. Kyle

    This would likely be best in class if it was brought to the US. That means it won’t be of course.

  3. Justen M Ramírez

    I really want to upgrade from My 2018 Fusion Platinum but, Ford is becoming such a sellout when it comes to The States🇺🇸! We really want to buy this exact Fusion(NOT SOME OUTBACK COMPETITOR) and their forcing Loyalists in things we don’t want to drive! We’ve been loyal despite the recalls on the cars!! Yet Asian & Japanese Manufacturers can still cater to Us with Sedans?? If We🇺🇸 don’t Get this or The Focus ST I will NEVER buy another Ford.. along with My Whole Family!



  5. JE

    As owner of a Mondeo/Fusion, I would certainly trade it for this car. Trading it for a boring SUV or crossover, never. I prefer to go to other brands like Tesla, GM, Audi, BMW, Toyota, MB, Kia, Alfa Romeo or whover offers me a decent sports sedan. Not everybody likes SUV´s or crossovers or is willing to buy one no matter what.

  6. Alan Benson

    I agree with Mr. RAMIREZ completely. I was forced to buy a Honda Accord because Ford stopped offering the Fussion. I will never drive an SUV or Crossover. Please Ford, offer us this sport sedan, and a Fusion(Mondeo) wagon, as you do in several foreign markets!

  7. Deeman

    I love 2018 fusion titanium been waiting on redesigned
    Ford pushing me towards Honda Accord or Toyota Camry

  8. Michael OMalley

    I’m hoping Ford wakes up and give the U.S. the next generation Fusion. I have a 2015 Fusion S with 302,000 miles, and has been an amazing car. Very low maintenance too. Rear shocks, pads and rotors, tires and oil changes. That’s all we have had to do in 7.5 years of ownership. My wife drove Lola (what we named our Fusion) off the showroom floor with 4 miles on the clock. I’m not a Ford fan (Honda fan for over 20 years. First car was a Honda, and still drive one daily.). But this Fusion I will stand behind 100%. Any Ford representatives reading this…… Be smart and keep the Fusion in your lineup…..

  9. Barney Moton

    I’ve been a Ford man my whole life, however as of late Ford is really pissing me off! Why is Ford catering to Europe and China and telling U.S. customers sorry? To bad? If Ford wants to take that attitude fine, instead of waiting on a redesigned Fusion, I will trade my 2016 Fusion in on a Toyota or Nissan! Loyalty is a two way street Ford, if you are not going to be loyal to your U.S. customers especially when your going to need every sale to count in a recession. I really want this 2023 Fusion sedan like a lot of other customers do, the question is do you want to keep your loyal customers happy or not? I plan on trading my 2016 Fusion in 2023 that is all the time you are going to get from me, your next move depends on weather I stay with Ford or not?

  10. TJ

    Been a faithful ford buyer for 30 plus years but with all stupid stuff ford is doing or not doing, I’m thinking of becoming a dodge buyer like my grandad was.


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