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2023 Ford Fusion/Mondeo Interior Will Feature Ford Evos Tech, Aesthetic

The Ford Evos crossover was revealed at Auto Shanghai 2021 in China back in April, debuting the automaker’s “Progressive Energy in Strength” design philosophy that aligns with Chinese aesthetics. It’s also the first Blue Oval model developed largely by a China-based team, but perhaps more importantly, its interior styling, technology, and overall aesthetic will trickle down to other future Ford models. According to sources familiar with the 2023 Ford Fusion/Mondeo program, that includes the forthcoming rebirth of a model that was discontinued in North America last summer, with the Mondeo set to follow suit in Europe next year.

Ford Evos Interior

The 2023 Ford Fusion will boast similar screens, technology, and overall interior design to the Evos, which will complement the Evos-like styling on the exterior, as we’ve seen in numerous recent prototype photos from Ford Authority spies. This is an important distinction because as Ford Authority reported back in April, the Evos is not intended to serve as a successor to the Fusion or Mondeo – rather, it was designed specifically for the Chinese market, and will not be sold in North America or Europe.

As Ford Authority previously reported, the Fusion/Mondeo is set to make a return to FoMoCo’s lineup as both a sedan and crossover-like wagon/hatchback. In the last few weeks, Ford Authority spies have given us our first look at the sedan’s rear end and its Ford Mustang/Ford Mustang Mach-E-inspired taillights, as well as its Ford F-150 Lightning-like front LED setup.

Currently, the next-generation Fusion/Mondeo sedan is being earmarked for China, just like the Evos and the production version of the Lincoln Zephyr Reflection concept, and it’s unclear if it will be available in other markets, though Europe and North America will likely get the more rugged Active variant.

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  1. Michael W

    If this vehicle is not produced in the USA, and available to us who cares?

  2. John

    I’d personally love if we got a sedan from Ford again, but to be honest they’d be stupid. SUVs, crossovers, and trucks bring more profit from the same investment.

  3. Gordon J Chandler

    I won’t be buyng from Ford anymore until they offer a sedan again. My first Ford was a used 1959 Galaxie and I have owned many Mustangs, several Torinos, Tauruses, Mercury Sables, Lincoln MKZs, and F150s.They no longer make any vehicles that an old guy like me actually desires. Too bad for Ford.

  4. Raymond Davis III

    I’d so love to see this next Gen Fusion sedan. I think it’s a great idea to keep sedans in their lineup. Not everyone wants a high sitting non practical SUV. Keep it going Ford !!!

  5. Mick1

    We’re getting the Ford Fusion Active, but will it be Chinese produced?

  6. enrique a Cam

    Shamed on Ford it should buy International and become a truly Truck maker , thanks God Gm
    have the sense ang guts to make a C8 , and know with the Z6 leap frog all exotic European Brands, Ford chicken out with the GT with the excuse of a production base engine so it never was a direct competitor of the Ferrari,Lambo, Mclaren .

  7. Darrell Schipper

    Sold ford products for many many years have an Edge elite but my other cars a Nissan Maxima Platinum because it sporty and quite! Ford or Lincoln better get the Mondeo or Zephr or that market share will be gone forever!


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