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2023 Ford Fusion, Mondeo To Emulate F-150 Lightning Front LED Setup

Over the last several months, Ford Authority spies have spotted a number of 2023 Ford Fusion (or Mondeo) prototypes out driving around wearing less and less camouflage. The Fusion/Mondeo is set to make a return to Ford’s lineup as both a sedan and crossover-like wagon/hatchback after the Fusion was discontinued in North America last summer, while the Mondeo is set to follow suit early next year in Europe. Recently, we got our first look at the sedan’s rear end and its Ford Mustang/Ford Mustang Mach-E-inspired taillights, and now we’re getting a good view of the model’s Ford F-150 Lightning-like front LED setup.

In previous spy photos, we could see the presence of a single light bar that spans the distance between the two headlights, creating one cohesive piece across the entire front end. However, those photos only show the car with its daytime running lights on – not the illuminated light bar. The new photo, seen above, depicts the light bar turned on while the Fusion prototype is driving in the rain.

This look is very similar to what’s present on the F-150 Lightning, which also has a light bar spanning the distance between both headlights. It’s a modern styling feature that has become popular on many newer vehicles, both at the front and rear. That’s also the case with the Fusion/Mondeo prototypes we’ve seen thus far, which have a bar connecting the taillights as well, with the third brake light placed in the center of that bar.

Currently, the next-generation Fusion/Mondeo sedan is being earmarked for China – just like the production version of the Lincoln Zephyr Reflection concept – and it’s currently unclear if it will be available in other markets. However, Europe and North America will likely get the more rugged Active variant.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    Looks very Cadillac- ish with the lights on Lincoln needs the Zephyr very bad as a entry level sedan , Town Car and Continental should follow

  2. Venom5.0

    Sell in the U.S. please, will highly consider for a 4 door daily along side my Mustang.

  3. Justen Ramirez Ford

    If KIA/Hyundai can sell Sedans & Hatchbacks here in America Then WHY CAN’T FORD(Who’s An 🇺🇸Automaker) Come On Ford! This doesn’t make any sense when Ford could have a chance at Dominating The Mid Size Sedan Segment.. I Love My Fusion & I’m Annoyed that I might have to leave Ford because I don’t want an SUV or Truck so Please Bring This To 🇺🇸‼️ Everyone doesn’t have 4 Kids or The need to go Off Road! Some of us want to sit lower & Feel The Road‼️ I currently drive a 2018 Fusion Platinum 2.0EB & I really want to Upgrade to Another Fusion! I’ve had a 2010 Sport, 2016 1.5EB SE & My 2018 Platinum 2.0EB.. Please don’t disappoint Your Loyalists over This SUV Trend because when this ends and Ford finally brings Cars back We’ll already be

  4. david venesky

    Im very pleased to hear that Ford is bringing back the fusion. In reality it is a 4 door mustang with very good ergonomics. I have owned three fusions, 2012,2015,2017 and loved them all. My 2017 has nav, leather, 2.0 turbo and phenomenal power and fuel economy. Ill buy the first 2023 out . You cant miss with this reliable automobile


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