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2023 Ford Ranger Camo Slip Reveals Front Grille For First Time

Over the past several months, Ford Authority spies have spotted a number of 2023 Ford Ranger prototypes driving around wearing varying stages of camouflage. Ford itself has also released teaser videos of the redesigned mid-size pickup conquering some off-road obstacles and driving around in the mud. Last month, we got our very first look at the 2023 Ranger’s front end design, however, which blends styling elements from the 2022 Ford Maverick and 2021 Ford F-150. Now, Ford Authority spies have captured a 2023 Ford Ranger prototype driving around that reveals its front grille for the very first time thanks to a camo slip.

With the camouflage falling down, we get a very good look at the 2023 Ranger’s front grille, which in this case is finished in chrome. This prototype appears to be a Lariat-trimmed pickup, due to its chrome trim, and the front end design matches up with a leaked photo that hit the internet way back in January of this year.

In both cases, the twin chrome bars that span the width of the front end and are framed by Ford’s familiar reverse C-shaped headlights, while a more conventional oval-shaped grille resides in the middle. A Blue Oval is featured in the center of those bars, but in the case of this prototype, is still covered by a piece of camouflage.

As Ford Authority exclusively reported last month, the 2023 Ford Ranger will represent the first of an eight-year production run. The next-gen Ranger – assigned the P703 designation internally – will enter production at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in the spring of 2023. However, as is always the case, these are preliminary plans and are subject to change. The 2023 Ranger will be revealed much sooner than that, however, with a full unveiling set for November 24th, as Ford Authority reported earlier this month.

The 2023 Ford Ranger is expected to be accompanied by the off-road-focused Ranger Raptor for the very first time in the U.S., and will also gain a plug-in hybrid variant in the coming years. Since Ford considers the Ranger to be one of its “Icons,” there’s also a possibility that an all-electric variant could join the lineup in the coming years as well.

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  1. commbubba19

    so in short it’ll be a maverick at 120% scale. pass

    1. Karl

      In case you are interested, the Maverick has been a hit with consumers and reviewers alike.. Troll much?

    2. Theo

      I think you know little about these trucks. The Maverick is a monocoque. The Ranger is body on frame. There is a huge difference.

  2. Roy Chile’s

    This is the FORD Ranger that should have been from the beginning, Best in Class

  3. Doug Realsauce

    This truck can’t come soon enough. The midsize segment needs a jolt of energy – This beauty is it.

  4. Cary

    My complaint about the current Ranger compared to the model before it is, they are making the mid-size pickup too large and tall… which makes them more expensive as well. If I want a full size pickup, I’d buy a F-150. Most people like me want the smaller size that will fit into my house garage, easier to park in town, easier to lift cargo into the bed and more economical. I prefer the extended cab with the longer 6′ bed too… can’t put much in a 4′ bed.

  5. David Pickford

    I’m surprised Ford Authority haven’t picked up the pics from Australia, last week a Ranger and Everest in RHD were seen up in the Victorian highlands doing off-road testing but from the US point of interest was the LHD Ford Raptor running twin exhausts and a petrol motor that accompanied the other 2, no idea on which motor but I’d suggest it guarantees acRaptor in your future. Now I’d love to think that Ford Australia have also been working on a slammed version of the Ranger like the F truck lightening of old.
    PS. Did you know that Holden Special Vehicles were working on a factory V8 version of the Colorado for the Australian and US markets right up until the day GM announced the closure of Holden. The two made are running the 6.2LS with the 10speed auto. No doubt they’ll end up being auctioned of very soon.

  6. Wanted33

    Owning a 2020 Ranger Super Cab I was seriously thinking of ordering a 2022 Crew Cab. That was until I saw some peeks at the ’23 makeover. My Ranger is a great little truck, and now I’m waiting on the 2023 Crew Cab. I’m just hoping the ’23 Crew Cab will have a flat floor under the rear seat like the F-150. That would make the truck much more usable for me, and others I’m sure.

    1. swhmetta

      YES!! Flat load floor… I agree.


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