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2023 Ford Super Duty Platinum Prototype Spied Wearing Black Wheels

Earlier this month, Ford Authority spies captured a 2023 Ford Super Duty prototype out testing for the very first time. In the weeks since, we’ve seen even more prototypes emerge, including both a SuperCab and Crew Cab dually. Then, we got our very first look at the 2023 Super Duty’s interior, and now, Ford Authority spies have spotted a prototype that we believe is the 2023 Ford Super Duty Platinum.

This 2023 Ford Super Duty Platinum prototype has all the trim-specific features, including chrome mirror caps and chrome strips along the bottom portions of the window sorrounds (DLO trim). Particularly interesting, however, are the black wheels, which are not available on the current-gen Super Duty Platinum. In fact, the only way to get black wheels on the 2022 Super Duty is to opt for the Tremor Off-Road Package.

Of course, this is a prototype, so it’s possible that these wheels will not be offered on the 2023 Super Duty Platinum, and they may also just be placeholder wheels used for testing and not destined for a production model. The 2023 Super Duty SuperCab prototype spied last week was also wearing a set of black wheels with a similar design.

Other than those interesting tidbits, this prototype is wearing heavy camouflage at the front and checkered camo elsewhere, as has been the case with all of the previously-seen pickups. That’s very much by design, of course, and hides the truck’s revised styling elements, which will be part of the Super Duty’s redesign for the 2023 model year, as Ford Authority reported last month.

What’s more, the exhaust tip configuration of this model suggests that Ford’s 6.6L PowerStroke V8 turbo-diesel engine resides under the hood of this prototype.

In addition to exterior styling changes and revised tech features, it’s also possible the 2023 Super Duty will introduce Ford’s BlueCruise highway self-driving feature to the model, as Ford Authority spies spotted a pair of Super Duty trucks driving around wearing AV (autonomous vehicle) hardware, used for hands-free driving technology, back in June.

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  1. NCEcoBoost

    Note to Ford (and others): Black wheels signify a cheap base model and not a premium one. Fancy chrome only on most trims. Lose the black wheels trend, already.

    1. John

      Black wheels look tough and aggressive, perfect for the Tremor.

    2. Rinzler

      LOL. Satin gray wheels signify a cheap base model. Chrome wheels signify someone trying to be flashy and ends up looking quite tacky. Black wheels meld into the tire and de-emphasize the wheels bringing more attention to the truck body itself.

      Luxury cars don’t even come with chrome wheels anymore. It’s very old school and definitely not “of the times”.

  2. Power Kid

    Tremor is not the only way to get black wheels. Black appearance pkg is another way.

  3. louis faiella

    It is so funny!! they dont have to cover it up….. no one will know the difference!!

  4. FordNeedsToBuildMyLimited!

    Oh man, the interior I’m fine with but I really hope that Ford didn’t borrow the F-150 tail lamp and headlight designs for the 2023 model year Super Duty…

    1. Stephen Ketterer

      @FordNeeds: The Super Duty never uses any of the lighting elements from the F-150. The front end and rear quarter panel sheetmetal is entirely different, so they wouldn’t even fit. The only parts shared are the doors and most of the cab structure [minus the back wall and rear glass].

      1. FordNeedsToBuildMyLimited!

        Thanks Stephen! I am backing out on my 2022 Limited SD order not just because it has yet to still be built, but it appears that there are changes coming in the 23MY that will be worth the wait.

  5. Robert A.

    Hey, remember, it’s just a prototype vehicle! It’s highly unlikely that the truck is 100% finalized as to what will be sold to the customers. Ford likely just slapped on a set of wheels to get the truck on the road, for testing, and using black, generic wheels just gives the spycam guys one less thing on which to concentrate. If you really believe those wheels are what Ford is going to offer, then you’ll likely believe that black and white camouflage wrap covering the truck is going to be one of the colors offered, too.

  6. Stephen Ketterer

    I don’t see any evidence that this truck is for certain a Platinum. It could be any mid- to upper-level trim with the FX4 and a blackout package.

  7. Stephen Ketterer

    I will say for certain that I do like the wheel design.


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