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2023 Lincoln Zephyr Interior Completely Revealed In Leaked Photo

Back in early September, Ford Authority spies spotted a 2023 Lincoln Zephyr prototype driving around Dearborn, Michigan months after the Zephyr Reflection Concept debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show. Then, early this month, a leak revealed the exterior of the 2023 Lincoln Zephyr completely uncovered, confirming the fact that the new luxury sedan was nearly identical in terms of styling to the concept. Now, the production Zephyr’s interior has been spied in China in a completely uncovered state as well.

This photo confirms that the Zephyr will utilize an interior design that is influenced heavily by the new Ford Evos crossover, which was revealed earlier this year, and also confirms a Ford Authority report from earlier this month stating that the next-generation Ford Fusion / Mondeo interior will also feature the Evos’ design aesthetic and tech.

Ford Evos

There are quite a few similarities between the interior of the Evos and the Zephyr in this spy photo, most notably the giant digital screen that spans nearly the entire width of the dash. Likewise, the switches, HVAC vents, and center console all appear to be virtually identical, though the steering wheels are unique to each vehicle. Unlike the Evos, however, the Zephyr sports a two-tone color combination with red accents adorning on the dash, door panels, and seats.

The Zephyr is 196.1 inches long, which makes it 1.85 inches shorter than the 2023 Fusion/Mondeo. It’s powered by the same Ford 2.0L gas engine present in its next-gen Blue Oval counterpart, which produces 235 horsepower. As is the case with the 2023 Fusion/Mondeo, the Zephyr features a number of styling tweaks that differentiate available trim levels, as well as different wheel and tire sizes ranging from 18-inch wheels with 235/50 tires to 19-inch wheels with 235/45 tires.


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The Zephyr is expected to be sold exclusively in China, though as previously mentioned, its styling will influence future models across the globe.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    LINCOLN power that be would be a 1st Class Fool not to offer the new Zephyr in the USA. That dashboard looks Classic LINCOLN, if the business at hand is making money this sedans takes it to the Bank, raise profit shares and sell like Hot Cakes. LINCOLN needs this car here in America, FORD can sell Trucks and SUVs LINCOLN can sell Cars and SUVs

  2. JE

    A shame this car is bound only to China. Not everyone likes SUV’s or crossovers or is willing to buy one no matter what. The Zephyr is a car I would buy. An SUV or a crossover, never.

  3. Kyle

    Kinda weird seeing a modern Lincoln without the perfect position seats.

  4. Archknight77

    Ford/Lincoln might as well be a Chinese brand since they seem to only offer their best there. I can’t believe they even wonder why Americans don’t bother with anything they sell here. Another opportunity wasted.

    1. Ford Owner

      Americans did not support the original MKZ by buying it. But the Chinese did. So blame your fellow countrymen for buying foreign sedans instead of Fords.

      1. Roy Chile’s

        That’s not true there’s alot of MKZ still on the street, I see more Town Cars and MKZs than any LINCOLN SUV in my Area

        1. Roy Chile’s

          The same Lie was told when FORD killed the 2011 Ranger to sell more F150s , Where is the Ranger today ? Back in the USA

      2. Elio

        I am leasing a MKZ, 3.0 twin turbo AWD, and it’s a fantastic car. Lincoln has abandoned all of its current car customers by saying we must buy an SUV.
        Bring the Zephyr to select Lincoln Dealers and let the customers vote.

  5. NCEcoBoost

    That full dash-width screen is the most absurd one I’ve ever seen; what WERE they thinking? It’s not just me – it’s being trashed all over the Internet. DON’T bring that abomination to America!

  6. Montana Man

    Ford-Lincoln, listen up: We’d buy that here in the United States of America, particularly if it were made in the United States of America. Nice lines, nice interior, nice infographic screen for the driver and passengers.
    Let’s look at sedans again; don’t write them off for domestic production and sales, just quite yet.

  7. Joel

    Exclusively in Japan? You mean China?


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