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2023 Lincoln Zephyr Officially Revealed As Gen Z Oriented Tech Platform

The Lincoln Zephyr Reflection Concept was revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show back in April as a rather stunning sedan designed specifically for the Chinese market. At the time, Lincoln noted that the concept was the latest expression of its “Quiet Flight product DNA” and also previewed the brand’s future styling direction. That design carried over mostly unchanged to the production 2023 Lincoln Zephyr, which leaked earlier this month, while the sedan’s Evos-inspired interior followed suit earlier this week. Now, the production 2023 Lincoln Zephyr – the first Lincoln model built in China for the Chinese market – has been officially revealed, and it represents a pretty big leap forward – both in terms of design and technology – for the iconic brand.

“For nearly a century, Lincoln has been redefining luxury with stunning design, advanced technologies and world-class products,” said Lincoln president Joy Falotico. “We are committed to listening to the needs of our customers and the all-new Zephyr is a perfect example of this. The all-new Lincoln Zephyr is specifically designed for the young, Chinese customer and continues our tradition of reimagining design and technology for the future.”

The Zephyr features Lincoln’s signature horizontal design language, but also introduces  a number of new elements including its full-width light bar up front, Embrace and Farewell signature welcome lighting, a “Welcome Mat” that illuminates the ground, full-width horizontal stripes, and taillights with a 3D floating effect. The interior is specifically targeted at Gen Z customers, with a 12.3-inch digital cluster and a massive 27-inch coast-to-coast fully customizable touchscreen that can be split into multiple displays or kept as a fullscreen.

The screen is also capable of doing some pretty nifty things, including what Lincoln calls “The Future Letter.” After customizing content on the massive screen, owners can then schedule content to appear at designated times. And if that isn’t enough, there are a total of 128-color interior ambient lighting options, digital scents, and four relaxation modes to add a bit more luxury to the driving experience.

The interior’s new Lincoln Constellation HMI theme is inspired by the night sky and the cosmos, presenting the driver with a number of modes including Dashcard, Solo, Co-pilot, and Individual intelligent operation. The massive screen runs special software Ford calls phase-4 SYNC+, which is only available in China and enables over-the-air update capability. The 2023 Lincoln Zephyr also comes equipped with Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 2.0 and the new Lincoln ActiveGlide Level 2 hands-free highway driver-assist feature.

“The Lincoln Zephyr is a true masterpiece that brings together the expertise of our global team in California and the exceptional talent of our local team in China, said Lincoln China president Mao Jingbo. “Every detail from the inside out is crafted based on a deep understanding of our, young Chinese clients, and I am confident that the Lincoln Zephyr fully features intelligent experiences of the future.”

The Zephyr is powered exclusively by a 2.0L gas engine, which is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The sleek new sedan is expected to go on sale in China in Q1 of 2022.

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  1. crabbymilton

    Looks really sharp. Perhaps FORD/LINCOLN will rethink the idea of bringing it over here. I wouldn’t get too hopeful about it but who knows.

  2. CAMartin

    That actually looks better than the concept and the renderings to my eyes. I think it’d be a worthy companion to the Fusion Active, assuming that we ever get that going over here.

  3. aa

    That is a handsome, well-designed vehicle – BRING IT TO THE STATES.

    Twenty years ago (or even ten years ago) could you imagine Lincoln building a sedan that is only sold in China of all places?!

  4. Michael W

    Are they going to build it here? If not, who cares?

  5. JE

    This is a car I definitively would buy. The bunch of boring cookie cutter SUV´s and crossovers of Lincoln lineup, never.

  6. Venom5.0

    Wow looks great, c’mon Ford sell it here. Some more variety in the line up beside multiple overlapping crossovers would be nice.

  7. Roy Chile’s

    BS – Joy Falotico LINCOLN hasn’t been listening to its customers in America. Why is a American Auto Maker catering to China instead of catering to the USA.?If this is the future market they are catering to LINCOLN and BUICK should move out of the United States and into China. If LINCOLN don’t want to sale cars in the country that it came from BYE, I’ll buy cars from CADILLAC or LUCID AIR

    1. Archknight77

      100% agreement

  8. crabbymilton

    That’s why people shouldn’t be concerned over builder loyalty. If you like a vehicle and the price is right along with quality then just buy it regardless who builds it. Sure, I appreciate history and heritage of FORD and all the others. However, if they don’t have a product that you want, then having loyalty does no good. I can’t help but think how many FORD stalwarts buy a crossover or SUV simply out of obligation to FORD. Until earlier this month, I owned 4 FORD products in a row. I bought a ’21 NISSAN ALTIMA and like it a lot.
    Never thought I would do that and a few years ago I would have provided that FORD/LINCOLN still built sedans.

    1. Roy Chile’s

      American Auto Makers R doing 2 much N China and not enough N American. I DISAGREE COMPLETELY. Build what the American Customers ask for and it will sell period. LINCOLN is not a FWD R SUV Company keys cut the BS and build real cars. For 20yrs 1960- 80 you seen LINCOLNS EVERYWHERE NONE FWD. it ok to have a FWD model R2 but LINCOLN TURN N2 A Joker with it

  9. Archknight77

    This is why no one cares about Lincoln in the US, they build everything for other countries and leave American customers with no exciting product. This looks better than any of the sedans they produced over the last two decades. We asked for a performance subcompact and compact model, instead they gave us an uncompetitive large sedan in the Continental and uninspired ccompact with the MKZ. If they only want to cater to China, they’ll continue to plummet in the US.

    1. Joe

      Just read your comment regarding the MKZ and since you obviously have never driven one or even considered owing one. I have a 3,0 twin turbo AWD that is probably the best performance luxury car sold in the $50k range. It rides and handles very well and is a very comfortable car. Those who don’t experience anything firsthand should keep their opinions to themselves

      1. Roy

        On Point Joe! I’m a Continental owner!

  10. Joseph SanSevero

    If I designed a car This would be it. I want one, I do not want an SUV.

  11. crabbymilton

    I concur with that. I still don’t know why so many people were unimpressed with the CONTINENTAL. Seems like people want a hot rod instead of a nice smooth and quiet sedan. I could care less if it has front or rear drive and the CONTINENTAL had all wheel drive on the the more premium trims anyway so what’s the problem? If you want a sports sedan that’s fine but some of us want smooth and quiet. If that means it’s dull and boring then so be it. So if this thing ever makes it over here, I would hope they offer it in a non sport trim.

    1. Rod Ferguson

      I agree with you. However,the Continental failed for the reasons
      1. The Continental was In a dying market ( Large mostly FWD luxury cars ,) and Yes it was AWD but those options didn’t attract the demographic customers.
      2. It was NOT RWD not did it have a optional V8 or EV or Hybrid option.
      3. Price… The continental ‘s price point was about 40-50k tops ; the continental ‘s price 2017-2019 was 60-90k !!! Much higher than its target audience aged 45 and above.
      4. Styling…. The cars interior styling was awesome!!!!! And classy !!! HOWEVER it’s exterior styling was .. how should I put it… I little stodgy. With no standard suicide doors or convertible option.
      This is my assessment of the continental and why it failed…

  12. Ford Taurus owner

    Beautiful, unfortunately we are not allowed to own one in U.S.A. Talk about back asswords lol!

    1. Joe


  13. BluntSage52

    This is everything I would want on a sedan, especially at the price point it appears to be at. If they could carry the MKZ for so many years, this is a vast improvement.

  14. MS. GREENE

    We are so DISAPPOINTED with Lincoln! The fact they did away with sedans is preposterous! Do I have to go to the foreign cars to get a sedan? It’s just a “slap in the face” that the Zephyr is only going to be offered in China!

  15. ronjj

    My wife and I have owned eight Lincolns, several Town Cars, The MKS, MKZ and we are currently driving our second Lincoln Continental. It is with great sadness, that we will be leaving the Lincoln brand after so many years since Lincoln is only building SUV’s and crossovers neither of which we care to own. They have to realize that there is still a market for a beautiful sedan. Now, they are building one for the Chinese market. How can they overlook the US market? Lincoln and Ford have made a grave error in judgement and will lose many customers. We intend to look elsewhere to other auto makers who are still producing regular cars. Sad that a great American auto maker is only building “trucks”!

  16. Darrell Schipper

    Like to see either the Mondeo or the Zephyr in the US having had ford products all my life now driving a NISSAN MAXIMA because neither had an exciting vehicle to buy but no option at all gives you no choice!

  17. Dr. Denyse Prescott

    I am getting really close to having to replace my 2013 Lincoln MKS. I really love the car, but at 10 years old it; the hand writing is on the wall. My family have only owned Fords and my Mother, Father, Brothers and Sisters, as well as myself have only owned Lincolns. But I fear that long legacy is now going to come to and end. Why? Because the Ford Motor Company does not care about people like me. I do NOT want and will NOT buy an SUV! I want, no make that demand a 4 door sedan. So, it appears that, though it breaks my heart, will have to look to another make. Why FORD? Why do you not care about your customer base?

  18. C.Williams

    I’m in agreement with most of the folks on this car. I suppose we’ve seen the end of cars BUILT IN AND FOR U.S.A.!!!

  19. Melodee

    This car (and the Ford Mondeo) are the only two cars in 20 years I have ever considered getting rid of my current car for. Wouldn’t you know it both of these damn cars are made for the Chinese market only. Please! Bring one of the stunning vehicles into the Canadian market!

  20. Ed

    Have leased 4 MKZ’s over the years and currently have a 2020. Lease is up in 18 months so if Lincoln does not have a sedan replacement by 2024 I will after many years have to go somewhere else. Hello Cadillac & Lexus


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