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Ford Blue Oval Emblem Makes Way For Black Equivalents, A Huge Shift

The Ford Blue Oval emblem has been synonymous with FoMoCo vehicles for decades now, becoming one of the most famous and easily recognizable logos in the world. In fact, the first oval Ford emblem bowed in 1907, and the first Ford Blue Oval emblem appeared in 1927 before landing on all of Ford’s vehicles starting in 1979. The familiar Blue Oval has changed quite a bit since then, but it has always remained blue. However, in recent years, that has been slowly changing, as black ovals have been appearing on more and more Ford vehicles as black appearance packages gain in popularity across the entire automotive industry.

Today, a number of new Ford vehicles are sold with either standard or optional black oval emblems, in some cases as part of black or stealth appearance packages. Here’s a complete list of those vehicles as of this writing.

Ford Vehicles With Standard Black Oval Emblems

The 2021 Ford Explorer Timberline – an off-road-focused variant of FoMoCo’s long-running crossover – launched last month with a host of unique styling elements, including standard black oval emblems. The same is true of the second model in this new family – the 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline – which was just revealed back in September and is due to launch in early 2022.

Ford Vehicles With Optional Black Oval Emblems

The list of Ford vehicles with optional black oval emblems is far longer, though each of these vehicles is equipped with some sort of Black Appearance Package or Stealth Package. In terms of crossovers, this list includes the 2022 Ford Escape SEL with the SEL Stealth AWD Package, the 2022 Ford Edge SE with the Black Appearance Package, the 2022 Ford Expedition Limited with the Stealth Edition Package, and the 2022 Ford Expedition Limited With the Stealth Edition Performance Package.

Those that want a Ford pickup with a black oval can get one with the 2022 Ford Ranger with the Black Appearance Package (XLT, Lariat), the 2022 Ford Ranger with the Sport Appearance Package (XLT, Lariat), the 2022 Ford F-150 with the Black Appearance Package (XL STX, XLT, Lariat, Platinum), or the 2022 Ford Super Duty with the Black Appearance Package (XLT, Lariat).

We’ll have more on the growing number of Ford vehicles with black oval emblems soon, so be sure and subscribe to Ford Authority for 24/7 Ford news coverage.


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  1. crabbymilton

    The way things are going I have to wonder if they are doing this so they won’t be labeled as being racist.

    1. Joe

      Yes I am offended as being a person of blue color to lose my emblem.

    2. Ugene

      What the hell are you talking about?

    3. waddie

      I thought the exact same thing. Maybe a rainbow striped oval will be next.

  2. Roy Chile’s

    Somethings are best left alone the blue oval is 1 of them

  3. Randall

    Apparently some people have too much time on their hands and lay awake at night’s dreaming this garbage up. The beautiful blue oval was and is historic. Too many companies taking the wrong direction lately.

  4. Andrew

    So according the comments, Ford should just ignore the hot trend of blacked out vehicle trims and logos, that paying customers are eager for, and keep it blue for the sake of “purity”. Smart decision, thumbs up. SMDH. Because something has always been done one way is never a lavid arguement for not changing it.

    1. John

      Go ahead, keep injecting race into scenarios where nobody else is. 😂 The vast majority of Americans are not racist… this isn’t the 60s anymore bro

      1. John

        😂😂 Think what you want my guy

      2. Tony

        You are a complete idiot with waaaaay too much time on your hands…Get a life!

  5. John

    😂 There is absolutely no relation to race here, we prefer the blue oval over the black oval because it’s historically been Ford. If Ford’s logo had always been black, we would be rooting for that. Not everything has to be about race…

  6. Crabbymilton

    It mostly illustrates absurdity by being absurd. I could care less whatever logo FORD uses. However, when you have companies and sports teams changing longtime logos for fear of offending people, that sets a dangerous trend and in crazy times like this you can’t rule it out.

  7. Randall

    The new logo’s will only appear on the driver’s side of the vehicle

  8. Taseti Asante

    Its called an option not a change. You still can get a traditional blue logo and if you choose get get a black or whatever other options that ford provide its your choice…..its not that serious lighten up, lifes short enjoy it a little on your death bed you’ll hate yourself for waisting time arguing over BS such as this.

  9. John

    Chevy has been doing this on their cars for a while now. It appears that Ford is playing catch up and is late to the party here.


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