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Ford CEO Jim Farley Says Tesla, Rivian, And VW Are Major Threats

As the automotive world shifts toward electrification, there are a number of new and established competitors vying for share in the EV market. Tesla is obviously the biggest target, as it has long enjoyed a dominant position in that space, while other upstarts like Rivian look promising as well. Then there are legacy automakers like Volkswagen, which has committed significant resources to convert its entire lineup to electric vehicles in the coming years. And while Ford is also investing heavily in EVs, CEO Jim Farley is well aware that the competition in this space is formidable.

“We need to be honest with ourselves about the market, the strength of our competition, and the work we need to do together,” Farley told fellow Ford employees during an internal meeting last month, according to the Detroit Free Press. “The market is evolving rapidly towards electric. While we’re making progress, and we are, we have a lot of work to do. But our competitors are unbelievable in this space, something we have never seen.”

While Jim Farley and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have long enjoyed a cozy relationship, Ford’s CEO also pointed out that the company is a dominant force in the EV market. He also called Rivian “a formidable competitor with us,” and pointed out that Volkswagen trails only Tesla as the world’s largest producer of EVs at the moment.

Farley’s comments regarding Rivian and Volkswagen are particularly interesting, given the fact that Ford has a direct relationship with both. Ford has invested in Rivian multiple times over the last couple of years and holds a five percent stake in the company, which is currently working on going public via an IPO that’s expected to be worth $50 billion. Ford is also working on developing a future EV model riding on Rivian’s Skateboard platform.

Meanwhile, Ford entered a partnership with Volkswagen last year that includes the co-development of a number of new vehicles, including at least one compact European Ford EV built on VW’s MEB platform – the same platform that underpins the Volkswagen ID.3, ID.4, and numerous other planned electric vehicles, while the two automakers are even sharing engine names on some rebadged models at this point as well.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    They major threats to him because he doesn’t know what he’s doing VW and Tesla sales cars FORD or LINCOLN doesn’t. Go fish Jim Farley Retire

  2. Lincoln

    The biggest threat is to someone’s ability to provide food for their family if they don’t inject government juice into their veins.

  3. Rinzler

    Oof. The number of tin foil hats on this forums is alarming.

    Glad to see Jim taking Tesla seriously. Regardless of their build quality or perceived longevity, Tesla sold 234K cars in the 3rd quarter and that is MORE than legitimate competition. I want to see Ford continue to innovate and think outside their own chains in regards to design and perceived brand loyalty. Other than the F-150 and Mustang, buyers don’t have a lot of brand loyalty and will go with whatever they deem is the most compelling and interesting design with the best value. Ford doesn’t have a ton of brand cache among younger buyers, and it needs to change that. They need to be working on the desirability of Ford and Lincoln products in a big way.

  4. Explorer ST

    It takes time to research and develop vehicles Lee! If you would do some research yourself and properly utilize this website you would know Ford and VW have already announced vehicles using shared engines in Europe and Ford still plans to use Rivian’s skateboard architecture. Farley has done a really good job in terms of delivering and announcing desirable products, as well as improving the company’s bottom line since taking over from Hackett.

    1. Lee

      This website is a bigger joke than Farley is, Mr. ST. I’ll be very surprised if my comment is posted and not censored/deleted due to “Security check failed”.

      1. Explorer ST

        Operate within the set parameters and I’m guessing that wouldn’t happen. I’m curious as to how this site is a joke!? Its a site about Ford and they report on everything Ford (good or bad).

  5. Dave Mathers

    So Jim Farley considers Rivian a threat? The very same Rivian in which Ford invested heavily? THAT one? LOL

  6. Rinzler

    Literally LOL. While EVs are not net neutral when it comes to their carbon footprint, there’s no argument their production and usage have a smaller footprint overall.

    And the collaborations with VW and Rivian are working out great. VW has purchased parts of the Ranger platform for the Amrock, and Ford gaining access to VWs MEB platform of which 2 vehicles are already being developed. With Rivian, Ford is gaining access to their battery pack designs as well as their engine setups to reduce the amount of time it takes to bring their vehicles to market, as Ford has a history of taking a VERY long time to bring vehicles to market.

    Hating change is one thing, but you seem to be a few cards short of a full deck. The market is changing. Either change with it, or be left behind and die.


    Ford following this electric trend could cost them big time like other companies.If they dont sell alot of this electric crap,they will be in trouble.Putting all of your eggs in one basket is beyond stupid!!

    1. Lee

      Thanks y’all for that one Mr Cobra Therapy. I couldn’t agree more. Giddy up.


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