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Ford F-150 10R80 Transmission Lawsuit Survives Partial Dismissal

A Ford F-150 10R80 transmission lawsuit first popped up back in August of 2019 in Illinois concerning 2017-2020 models that experienced “clunking, banging, harsh shifting, jerking, hesitation, and slipped gears,” among other numerous alleged issues. Another Ford F-150 10R80 transmission lawsuit was filed in January of 2020 in Pennsylvania, followed by a third in Massachusetts the very next month. Ford filed to have the Illinois lawsuit dismissed last November, but now, the case will move on after another judge only partially dismissed the suit, according to Car Complaints.

Judge Robert M. Dow, Jr. is allowing some state claims to proceed while also dismissing some breach of implied warranty claims in other states. Judge Dow Jr. ruled that it’s too early in the process to dismiss the claims entirely, and wants to leave the matter to the class certification stage following “class discovery, the plaintiff’s motion for certification, and the benefit of full briefing on the issue of class certification.”

As far as the claims of an implied warranty, negligence, fraud/fraudulent concealment, express warranty, and unjust enrichment go, Judge Dow Jr. argued that the plaintiff’s claims are too varied to satisfy commonality requirements. “Whether these differences destroy commonality is an issue for another day,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ford argues that the “nationwide class allegations” should be dismissed under Rule 12(f) on the basis they are “facially and inherently deficient” given all of the “material distinctions among the different laws to be applied to the members of the proposed class.”

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  1. StromSpeed

    This just started happening on my 2019 Platinum at 34K miles. Have had truck since new and just started to happen more frequently. However it’s very intermittent. Trying to figure out if it’s load, temp, throttle position, altitude, RPM, etc.
    No joy yet but it’s happening for sure.

    1. Steve

      My 2017 clunks loudly on downshift only on the highway once the transmission heats up. Typically shows up twenty miles into a trip. Shifting is buttery smooth otherwise. When it happens it sounds like the tranny is going to fall out. Going back to a Ram over this.

  2. Kendra

    I own a 2018 Ford xlt just bought it with 50k miles at 51k miles I have experienced a delay in shifting and a hard slam shift forward to my truck between 15 to 20 mph. I asked the dealership what the issue was all about and he said transmission learns by the driver and it’s all computer and it can be re set at the dealership.havent brought it to the dealership but reading this raising the concern even higher for me.

    1. Jake

      They “reset” my system….they just say that. They need to fix the issue. At this point i don’t even want a new transmission I want my money back.

  3. Jon Coulter

    I have similar issues with my 2020 Explorer with just 16k on it. So far they’ve done software updates and then 2 weeks ago a new valve body/control unit. some issues got better, but still upshifts hard when cold, 1-2 and 2-3, sometimes downshifts hard, 3-2 and 2-1. appears to go neutral sometimes when slowing down to turn and then neutral, coasts through turn. More than once it slammed during upshift in turn I thought I had been rear ended. two dealers wouldn’t even make an appointment for any trans. repairs!

  4. Julie

    Same issues 2018 F150. Jerky and cranky shifting, hesitating to the point scared I will cause wreck. Dealership now says $8000 to $10,000 for new transmission. I will not and wouldn’t recommend anyone own a Ford after the way they are handling this problem they know they have and I have been a lifetime Ford owner but no more!!!

  5. Ryan F

    I own a 2018 Ford F150, 5.0, 10 speed. I experienced issues while maintaining low speed up a hill. The transmission would “hunt” for the appropriate gear. Fast forward, a few days ago the truck when placed in Drive went straight to 4th gear at a dead stop. When I drive to drive the RPMs would skyrocket. I would immediately disengage the throttle, the truck would shift to 1st gear and jump forward even with my foot on the brakes! When the vehicle came to rest (dead stop) if would “hunt” between gears again 1 to 3 to 6 to 1, finally stopping on 4th gear! How do we join the lawsuit or do I just have my lawyer file?

  6. NitinG

    I have a 2018 Mustang with 10R80 transmission. I’ve had multiple issues with the transmission. So far, dealerships did a PCM reflash, replace valve body and now it’s currently in the shop going through another round of diagnostics for the same hard shifting issue. As someone mentioned in the comments, initially it was only evident when the engine is cool, but later on, I started feeling the lunge even after driving 50+ miles.

  7. Scott Makowsky

    I have had exact same issues with my 2018 F-150.
    Discussed the problem with a dealership and got an appointment for them to tear apart my trucks Tranny with no availability parts! I asked approximately how long to get parts, and I was told gaskets are on National back order. was told they have a vehicle sitting in their lot waiting for parts for nearly 1 year!!! Ford needs to compensate owners!! They are not even giving me a loaner! They told me the time factor is “Undetermined”????? What the f…!
    My truck still has a Warrantee!! Not even offering a loaner??? This is B.S.!! I,ve owned 6 Fords in my life but will never make this mistake again. This whole thing is unbelievable! I’ts not even c
    NEVER EVER BUYING ANOTHER FORD!!! Not even paid off yet!!
    REAL NICE FORD!! Retired and no transportation to get around.

  8. Mathew McMillan

    My 2020 Expedition has 72k miles. It has been in the Ford shop for the past 10 weeks. I purchased it in December of 2023. It has been in the shop longer than in my driveway. I picked it up 2 weeks ago after a new transmission was put in. Made it 1 mile from the shop and it shifted from 7th to 8th and there was nothing. Would no longer accelerate while in traffic with kids in the vehicle. Then the truck put itself in park at 55mph. It had to be towed back to the dealership. they are telling me “We have been able to drive it. It has an issue though. It has a constant flare shift from 7th to 8th, has a delay going into drive and has a harsh shift into reverse. My transmission specialist is in school this week. He will evaluate this when he is back next week. We have to take it apart to see what is wrong.” IT IS A NEW TRANSMISSION. come on FORD WAKE UP.

  9. Jay

    Just bought a 2018 raptor. It shifted hard but was told that was normal. 2 weeks later it downshifted randomly from 10th to 2nd on the highway and all the dash lights came one. Took it to the dealer and they said the cdf drum failed and I need a new transmission for $9k. The truck is 6 months out of warranty. Awesome.


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