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Ford Rep Shares Pic Of Next-Gen Ford Ranger With ARB Accessories

The sheer number of aftermarket parts and accessories available for Ford vehicles has exploded in recent months as a number of new Blue Oval models hit the market. Thus, roughly a week after the international market next-gen Ford Ranger was revealed (which we rendered in a host of different colors here), it’s safe to assume that the new mid-size pickup will be available with quite a few upgrades of its own in the coming months and years. As it turns out, a number of them will come from ARB, which already makes quite a few parts and accessories for the Ranger and Ford Bronco, among many other models.

Ford rep Ryan Tomorrow recently tweeted this picture of a next-gen Ford Ranger decked out in a number of ARB accessories, which previews a handful of parts that should be available for the new pickup soon. It’s unclear if all of these parts are from ARB, but we can clearly see an aftermarket front bumper with off-road lighting, a winch, and a snorkel for fording deeper bodies of water. The front bumper is a pretty massive upgrade in the looks department, and seemingly provides quite a bit of protection with its giant brush guard, too.

The bottom portion of the new bumper also sits pretty high, above the skid plate, which means that it should vastly improve the Ranger’s approach angle. There are a pair of red tow hooks mounted underneath, as well as a bar that runs from the sides of the front bumper down the bottom portion of the doors, which looks like it could double as a step. A roof rack up top is capable of holding all sorts of gear, and there’s a sport bar in the bed that may or may not be an official Ford accessory, from what we’ve seen on prior prototypes.

While the North American version of the next-gen Ranger will share its styling (though it will come with different powertrains and features), it’s unclear if these exact accessories will be available in that particular continent. Regardless, one thing’s for certain – there will be plenty of Ranger goodies to choose from in the very near future.

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  1. F-150.Prius

    At a glance that’s a goofy looking roo bar – ARB usually makes great stuff, but I see it has to be a bit goofy to keep the parking sensors in the right spots. “Progress.” : )

  2. David Pickford

    Don’t see what’s goofy about the bar, it sits nice and high to leave a good approach angle and as the most common things hit in Australia are emus, kangaroos, horses and cattle they need to be high to reduce the possibility of the struck animal coming back over the bar and through the screen.


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