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Is This A Prototype Of The Ford Bronco Plug-In Hybrid?


More than one possible Ford Bronco plug-in hybrid model has been spotted by Ford Authority spies in recent months, including what appeared to be a Ford Bronco Raptor PHEV (formerly known as the Warthog) back in March, as well as a possible electrified Bronco Everglades this past June. Both of those prototypes wore an orange high voltage (HV) cable, typically used in hybrid vehicles, and now, Ford Authority spies have spotted yet another possible Ford Bronco plug-in hybrid driving around Metro Detroit.

This two-door Badlands model certainly has a couple of unusual features, including the spray-painted “tow hooks” in the front bumper that are in fact open-ended. What signals that this could be a potential PHEV, however, is the conveniently-placed camo located on the rear passenger side of the Bronco. This small piece of camo could be concealing a possible charging port location, but that’s pure speculation, of course.

With quite a few production Broncos already on the road, it’s unusual that Ford would choose to stick a small piece of camo on this particular model unless it was trying to conceal something, but whether or not this it’s actually a PHEV charging port or something else entirely is unclear. Regardless, it is notable, though this prototype does not have the orange HV cable present on prior prototypes unless it’s hidden from view.

It’s worth noting that the next-generation Ford Ranger – which shares the Ford T6 Platform with the Bronco – will be available as a plug-in hybrid that will enter production before 2025, as Ford Authority reported back in June. It’s unclear what powertrain the Ranger PHEV will utilize, but previous rumors suggested that it will pair Ford’s 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 gasoline engine with an electric motor.

It’s also possible that the Ranger and/or Bronco PHEV could use the same powertrain already present in the European Ford Explorer PHEV, which consists of Ford’s 3.0L EcoBoost V6 and an electric motor. In that guise, the plug-in hybrid powertrain produces a combined output of 450 horsepower and 608 pound-feet of torque.

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