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Lincoln Once Again Ranked Last In Consumer Reports’ Reliability Survey

While Lincoln has fared well on some recent studies and surveys, ranking above average in J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) Study, it has not performed so well in others, including Kelley Blue Book’s most recent Brand Watch Study, which found that just nine perfect of shoppers considered the luxury brand last quarter. Now, after finishing dead last in last year’s Consumer Reports reliability survey, Lincoln has held onto that same position in this year’s survey as well.

FoMoCo’s luxury brand finished last among all eligible automakers with a score of 18 on a 100-point scale, when the industry average falls between 41-60. Lexus took the top spot this year with a score of 76, followed by Mazda (75), Toyota (71), Infiniti (69), and Buick (66) rounding out the top five. Most of Lincoln’s other rivals fared quite well also, with Acura (64), Audi (47), Cadillac (47), and BMW (45) all finishing within the average or above average range.

Consumer Reports conducts its reliability survey annually for brands that the organization has sufficient survey data for. Rankings are based on the average predicted reliability score based on member surveys for vehicles in each brand’s model lineup. CR identifies the models with the least and most reliable model scores to come up with a total score. This year, Consumer Reports lacked sufficient data to rank a number of brands, including Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Fiat, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Mitsubishi, and Polestar.

This year’s survey also saw a little bit of shuffling at the top, with Lexus taking over the top spot from Toyota, which slid down to number three. Meanwhile, Infiniti jumped six spots to fourth, while Buick and Mazda both dropped one spot each.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    All these Auto Makers have one this in common minus Buick they sells cars which means they have more customers to survey. Everyone don’t want a boring cross over station wagons Not Cool at All

    1. Lurch

      Since Lincoln sells nothing but crossovers and SUVs, I can’t imagine what other cars are part of the study: leftover MKZs and Continentals?


      i would assume regardless of amt sold,they survey say 100 car owners of each brand.

  2. Justen M Ramírez

    Ford/Lincoln acts surprised that sales are low but refuses to offer sedans!! Luxury Sedans are the first thing that comes to mind when people think of “Lincoln” & “Cadillac”! When Ford started to follow trends they lost what made them unique.. It’s Weird that they’re catering to China but KIA/Hyundai/Genesis are still striving in a market “Ford/Lincoln said was dead”.. I guess they have to use up those leftover Land Rover & Jaguar Parts…

  3. Joe Tuzzolo Sr.

    It’s very disappointing reading the ratings on Lincoln as a new first time Lincoln owner 2020 Corsair but driving in for service at my dealership very few new cars showroom filled with a few cars older vintage models looks like I need to change my thoughts from a new Nautilus they can’t deliver anyway

  4. Jersey Guy

    I have owned Lincoln cars since 2001 and have been quite pleased with both my LS (300,000 miles) and now my 2013 MKZ Hybrid (135,000 miles and cumulative mpg of 38.5). However, with ratings like this and lack of a BEV, I won’t consider Lincoln for my next purchase. I echo the sentiments about the lack of a sedan. Look at the European, Japanese & Korean luxury entries, Tesla and now Lucid. The Navigator isn’t exactly a “halo” car generating excitement and interest.

  5. Bruce Holberg

    Time for fall housecleaning at FoMoCo. How can they even hold their heads up after results like this two years in a row? Maybe they need to pay less attention to social issues and concentrate on building reliable vehicles

  6. BillH

    As a long time Ford and Lincoln owner, I know this is just more pure BS from CR which has hated Ford for decades. Remember this is the outfit that named the Mazda Navajo “much better than average” and the identical Ford Explorer off the same assembly line as “much worse than average”. I recently got a 22 Aviator Grand Touring for my wife, it is amazing. My boss bought a Tesla a couple of months earlier, similar money. His has rarely been out of the shop and he is driving a loaner again this week.

  7. Drew (Ford retiree)

    In the recent past, the Fusion and MKZ were Ford’s and Lincoln’s highest rated nameplates by Consumer Reports. When those sedans were discontinued, Ford and Lincoln ratings had to drop. I just wish everyone at Ford recognizes there is no future (be it BEV or AV) without a stellar quality reputation. The lion’s share of compensation for execs, other salaried, hourly, and suppliers should be tied to quality. PERIOD.

  8. Materialman

    Unbelievable! You cannot have a luxury brand last in reliability. These Lincoln’s can cost over $100,000 dollars. I have two Lexus vehicles. They never break. I would love to buy American, but Lincoln and Cadillac don’t impress me.

  9. Greg Lefevre

    This ranking is a total mystery to me. My 2020 Lincoln Aviator is the finest car I have ever owned. An absolute delight to drive, a pleasure to own, the most complete automobile ever.

    1. Alan

      You would be a sample of one. I don’t know why people can’t understand statistics. Just because it’s the lowest rated brand doesn’t mean they’re all bad. It just means a higher percentage of them are bad than other brands. As in if you want good odds for a trouble free car, stay away from Lincoln.

  10. Grant

    I have a 2016 Lincoln MKX and is the best car I have ever owned and a real pleasure to drive. Would not hesitate buying another. Unfortunately they keep going up in price.

  11. Richard

    The CR survey is faulted because they only send questionnaires to their own subscribers. This is not a random sample and any statistician would agree. After bashing Ford for decades their readers do not buy resulting in a low sample size. The JD Power survey earlier this year rated Lincoln 9th and 6 levels above the average score.

  12. John

    I’m GLAD that I Read This Report on Lincoln cause I have Been Trying to BUY a Lincoln Aviator
    Black Label Since 2020. And I Always Thought that Ford & Lincoln Made a GREAT American
    Vehicle. And at the Price of the Aviator Black Label at $82+. To BAD that a Korean Builders
    Make There Vehicles that have Been the Number One for Past Years and with a 10 Year Warranty on Them

  13. Robert Nell

    Love my Lincoln Nautilus 2021 so far
    No problems It seems to me it’s getting
    a bad score because it’s a Lincoln. Lexus IS a good brand too. Switched to Lincoln because of price. Just as good as Lexus and less money.

  14. John

    Consumer Reports?? Their distain for American cars has always been so ridiculous, their font should be on an angle.


    Is that true? Lincoln sales for the 2021 calendar year came in at under 88,000 units, a 17,000 unit drop for the 2020 calendar year sales.

  16. Michael K Lundquist

    Lincoln stops providing “the licoln experience” after a few years, my sync apps were discontinued, no way to upgrade them. The official dealership kept pushing my airbag recall repair back from 3 hours to 3 days to do other vehicles. They didnt wash or clean my car like lincoln promises. But they still want 150$ for the stupid keyfob! Which i wouldn’t even need if my app worked. All they did was politely tell me i was sh!t outta luck. Id give lincoln 0/10. P. S. Maybe give that lincoln experience to the used guys and let the vehicle health report print to the lincoln app when discontinued, and drop the key fob price when all newer lincolns get a free friggen app for it. At least pretend to car beyond the “new lincoln smell”


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