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Only Nine Percent Of Luxury Shoppers Considered Lincoln In Q3 2021

While Ford fared quite well in Kelley Blue Book’s Q2 Brand Watch study with a second-place finish among all non-luxury brands, the same could not be said for Lincoln. FoMoCo’s luxury brand was only considered by 10 percent of shoppers in that segment in the second quarter as it trailed essentially all of its main rivals. Now, KBB’s Q3 Brand Watch study has been released, and that number has unfortunately dipped even lower.

Only nine percent of luxury shoppers considered Lincoln in the third quarter, a one percent decrease quarter-over-quarter. Meanwhile, BMW retained the top spot for the 13th straight quarter with a 19 percent consideration rate, which is actually a four percentage point drop from Q2.

Lexus finished right with BMW at 19 percent, followed by Mercedes-Benz (15 percent), Audi (16 percent), Tesla (15 percent), Cadillac (14 percent), Acura (12 percent), Buick (9 percent), Volvo (8 percent), Genesis (8 percent), Porsche (7 percent), Land Rover (6 percent), Infiniti (5 percent), Jaguar (3 percent), Alfa Romeo (2 percent), Maserati (1 percent), Rivian (1 percent), and Lucid (1 percent).

The Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch report is a consumer perception survey that incorporates shopping behavior to determine how a brand or model stacks up with its segment competitors using a dozen different factors that play a key role in a consumer’s buying decision.

The Brand Watch study also found that luxury vehicle sales continued to outpace the overall market in Q3, with a five percent decline compared to a 13 percent drop. However, of the top four brands, only Lexus posted a sales increase in the third quarter with an eight percent gain, while BMW dropped nine percent. Those buyers continue to show a preference for SUVs over sedans, with 69 percent showing interest in the former versus 49 percent for the latter.

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  1. JE

    No surprise. The lineup of lincoln nowadays is composed by a bunch of boring cookie cutter SUV´s and crossovers. Lincoln without a flagship sedan or a sports coupe (or sedan) it´s a long way behind its competitors and is really no option. Not everybody likes SUV´s or crossovers or is willing to buy one no matter what and even less as a luxury vehicle. On the other hand, while for example Cadillac is working on the Celestiq, MB has the EQS, Tesla the Model S, Volvo the Polestar, Audi the e-tron GT and the new Lucid the Air, Lincoln has absolutely no EV car or is working on one (at least there are no news if it is). In my case, after buying several cars from Lincoln, I will buy absolutely nothing from them until they produce a sedan or a sports coupe.

    1. Kyle

      This is BS. Most people buy SUVs nowadays and Lincoln’s SUV lineup is far from boring and cookie cutter. The problem is Lincoln’s brand image. It’s still viewed as an old person brand and basically just rebadged Fords because that’s basically what it was in the past. Lincoln needs to work on improving their brand image and dealership network.

      Also I know it’s hard for you sedan worshipers to accept but sedans are just as “boring” and “cookie cutter” as their comparable SUVs. A Fusion is not any more exciting than an Escape.

  2. Christopher George

    HEY I like LINCOLN. People who buy crap MB’s BMW’s (worst reliability) and the rest have no class. The 9% have. Lincolns are rolling art forms outside and in. Engineering and fit finish interiors are exemplary. The Japs and the Gerries cant hold a candle to Lincoln. Ever sit in a Lexus,, Honda and worst yet BMW’s. Horrid I say. Euro leather sucks. Classless interior design. No they are not hot rod SUV’s either. Just awesome beautiful cruisers. Who cares about being #1. Geez . LINCOLN has a niche. Just improve and innovate and they will be hmm, #1.

  3. Arlene thomas

    So true, lincoln has quality


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