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Third Generation Ford Bronco Values Increasing As New Models Arrive

With the new 2021 Ford Bronco and 2021 Ford Bronco Sport arriving in showrooms, vintage models are seeing their values skyrocket to previously unimaginable levels . As Ford Authority reported back in May, the 1966 Ford Bronco experienced a 472.34 percent increase in value between 2006 and 2021. However, the third-gen Ford Bronco hasn’t been among the rest of the herd to head up to higher ground, historical shunned by collectors until now. According to Hemmings Motor News, the 1980-1986 Ford Bronco is finally having its day in the sun.

Ford Bronco

1981 Ford Bronco

The third-gen Bronco arrived at a time when a second gas crisis, changing tastes, and tighter federal regulations all came together to force a rethink on the big horse. The 1980-1986 Bronco shrunk in size and gained more aerodynamic styling for improved fuel economy. However, the initial powertrains Ford offered were hindered by malaise-era emissions gear. Only with later models did the third-gen Bronco receive the power and reliability it deserved under the hood, thanks to carbs giving way to electronic fuel injection.

Ford Bronco

1981 Ford Bronco

Average prices for the third-gen Ford are stunningly affordable for now, ranging from $4,000 for a 1980 Bronco, to $4,300 for a 1986 model. The low end is consistent throughout at $2,000 to $2,100, while the high end sees the horse going for anywhere between $6,300 to $7,100. The most desirable examples of the third-gen Bronco are those equipped with the Eddie Bauer trim, and models outfitted with the EFI 5.0 V8 under the hood. Throw in a healthy aftermarket for parts and upgrades, and these horses become more valuable still.

In fact, more than a few Ford enthusiasts have warmed up to the third-gen horse. Ford Authority spotted a red 1986 Bronco headed to Mecum Auctions’ red carpet in Kissimmee, Florida back in December 2020, built into a beefy beast by Heavy Metal Customs. And speaking of beasts, the Hoonigan crew bore witness to a 650-horsepower 1980 Bronco smoking a 40-horse Honda Grom minibike in a best two-out-of-three. Finally, Ford Authority learned of a straight-axle conversion kit from Desolate Motorsports made for 1980 through 1996 models, turning up their off-road prowess beyond 11. Time will only tell how far third-gen Bronco values will go.

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  1. TJ

    If you want to see crazy prices, I just saw an 87 Bronco II listed for $28,000. Yes
    28 thousand dollars. It was mint, but ugly two tone brown,with the cheapest white steel wheels. I’ve owned several of these brincoII’s, and they truly great vehicle. But seriously, that price is stupid.


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