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2021 Ford Bronco Gets Wide Aftermarket Fiberglass Fenders: Video

The 2021 Ford Bronco has its fair share of aftermarket parts and accessories to choose from, including everything from bumpers and underbody armor to lift kits and Power Packs for Ford’s 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 and 2.7L EcoBoost V6. But it’s also worth noting that the fender flares that come on the new Ford Bronco are incredibly easy to remove, which makes those parts prime for an upgrade as well, and sure enough, Ford is selling the wider Sasquatch fender flares via its catalog already. However, YouTuber Emelia Hartford decided to go a different route with her own personal 2021 Ford Bronco build and gave it wider fenders to help cover up the SUV’s big knobby tires, though that ultimately didn’t work out quite as planned.

Those wide fenders come from a company called Advanced Fiberglass Concepts, which makes both front and rear fiberglass fenders for the 2021 Bronco that trade the SUV’s removable flares for integrated ones. Aside from that fact, these body parts are unique in that they replace the entire front and rear fenders, providing coverage for larger wheels and tires with no rubbing issues. The hand-laid front fenders feature a 2-inch flare and 1-inch rise inspired by the Bronco R racer and retail for $650 a set. The rear quarter kit mirrors that design and retails for $975, and Hartford also installed the company’s ram-air hood to complete the look.

AFC’s Bronco fenders and ram-air hood are a direct bolt-on and come finished in semi-gloss white, so they’ll have to be paint matched in most cases, and that includes Hartford’s own Bronco. But for now, it’s just cool to see the new fenders installed on this four-door model, which is also treated to a set of satin bronze Weld Cinch beadlock-capable wheels and 37-inch Nexen Roadian MTX mud-terrain tires.

These upgrades certainly make the non-Sasquatch equipped Bronco far more aggressive in terms of the way it looks, though Hartford also notes that she’s working to make it more capable off-road, too. The big tires certainly seem to help out in that department, and we look forward to seeing how this build progresses in the coming weeks.

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    When will the new full size Broncos be available in my state?


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