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2022 Ford Bronco Production Pushed Back Five Days

Last month, Ford Authority reported that 2022 Ford Bronco production was scheduled to begin at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant on December 15th, 2021. However, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that 2022 Ford Bronco production has now been pushed back five days to December 20th, 2021. As always, these dates are subject to change, particularly in light of a number of recent supply chain issues, including the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage.

In recent weeks, 2021 Ford Bronco production has been ramping up following a number of supply chain-related woes, including defective hardtops that the automaker has been working on replacing in lieu of scheduling additional orders for production. As Ford Authority reported yesterday, 2021 Bronco in-transit inventory has improved significantly as a result, as have sales of the reborn off-road SUV.

Meanwhile, the Bronco will receive a number of changes for the 2022 model year, including the addition of the Ford Bronco Raptor, Bronco Everglades, and Bronco Heritage, as well as two new exterior colors, a “Capable” front bumper, a roof rack option for four-door Sasquatch models, and dealer-installed tube doors, which will be available by the end of the year.

For 2022, customers can also pair the Sasquatch Package with Ford’s seven-speed manual transmission, as Ford Authority recently reported. Meanwhile, the Heavy-Duty Modular bumper is now available on every trim level, and the Wildtrak four-door has dropped its standard MIC hardtop for a soft top. Pricing for all Bronco models and some options are also set to increase in 2022, as Ford Authority recently reported. Those that want to take delivery of a 2022 Bronco sooner can do so by ditching options such as the Towing Capability package, paint protection film, and the molded-in color hardtop.

For the latest on the production status of all Ford Motor Company vehicles, head over here.

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  1. Hans

    Not surprised a bit longer won’t hurt.

  2. Don Wood

    When are you going to start focusing on the constant delays Ford is experiencing in its woefully long going “roll out” of the new big Bronco, and why the company is incapable of producing body paint matching roof and fenders like Jeep can. Or do you just do happy talk for the company?

    1. Stalkbroker94

      When are you going to stop whining about Ford not operating the way you think it should, purely on the basis that you think it should be operating that specific way? He reports the news. If you can point out where he’s wrong, you might have a point, but if the article doesn’t agree with you in tone and thus doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy, go back to twitter.


      I had Jeeps and the reason I’m buying a Bronco is i had Jeeps I learned from my Jeep ownership never to get another one i can weight 😁

  3. Clam Juice

    More delays for the Bronco is coming oh yes more set backs are in order

  4. Bryan

    I think it’s very possible that by the time my order gets filled I will be so filled with hate for Ford over being treated like garbage I’m going to light mine on fire.


      I think you would be better off in a Jeep I will hang on for my Bronco

  5. Matt

    Complain… complain… complain… go buy a Jeep

    1. Stalkbroker94

      They don’t want to do anything useful. They want to complain.

    2. James Bond

      It’s like a little boy‘s nursery that have stumbled across!! You guys need to find a woman!!

  6. Rose Strain

    Hey, thank you for timely update. Even bad news is helpful for most reservation holders. It helps me plan, anyway. Lots of uncertainty in these Covid times.

  7. Dennis Williams

    If Ford wants to do something right it will fill all the orders placed by March 19, 2021 before it puts Broncos on dealer lots to be sold $30 K over sticker like the one sitting at Montrose Ford in Fairlawn, Ohio.

    1. Dave

      You need to take that up with the dealer’s for ripping people off. Like what went on with the last Gen Thunderbird

  8. Roy Cassada

    Something to look forward to. Can’t wait to get the call that mine is production.


    Got word mine is built got a delivery date of 1/17/22 but no window sticker yet anyone have a answer for that ?

  10. Mary Anne Bohlinger

    Notified by Ford dealer on 21 January that delivery of our 2022 Bronco would be 7 February. On the 2nd, my son e-mailed the dealer to firm up the delivery date, and was told that delivery now pushed back to between 10 and 15 May. Only Broncos that we’re seeing available on lots have been upcharged by $10-15K. Looks like Ford is being selective on which Broncos get the chip.

  11. Terry Knight

    Ford’s Vehicle Order Status website shows my Bronco production began on 1-14-22 and had a projected delivery date of 2-5-22. Last week it updated to show projected delivery of 5-6-22. Very frustrating since I have been waiting since the night they opened the website to order.

  12. Wilfred

    I just bought a 2021 Ford Bronco Big Bend 2.3 ecoboost engine I drive on highway to work which is beside the highway itself the gas mileage is pretty bad I’m only getting 16.8 mpg and sometimes 17.1 that’s about it no matter how I tried. I use all different types of gas within 3 mos. tried cruise control. I even turned off the heater for the whole week just to see if there’s any changes but there was none. This I’m going to contact Ford this Thursday via dealership see what they say bout this.


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