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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Deliveries Will Begin Next Spring

Earlier today, reports suggested that deliveries of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning would not begin until late next year, a development that, if true, would have meant a significant setback for one of Ford’s most important product launches in modern history. However, a Ford representative swiftly took to social media to swat down any claims that Ford’s first all-electric pickup had been delayed. This latest news arrives shortly after Ford announced that the future pickup is currently in its second phase of production.

Emma Bergg, director of EV communications, reiterated that 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning deliveries will begin in spring 2022, the same date that The Blue Oval originally stated they’d arrive as part of the official reveal way back in May 2021. Currently, Ford is working on getting operations fully sorted at the Ford Rogue Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan. As Ford Authority previously explained, the automaker has received over 150,000 reservations for the all-electric pickup, a figure that seemingly took the development team by surprise. Additionally, The Blue Oval has taken steps to increase output at the plant in order to try and fulfill its Lightning orders as quickly as possible. While exact 2022 production figures for the Lightning haven’t been disclosed, Ford CEO Jim Farley recently stated that the company intends to produce about 600,000 EVs annually by 2024, or double the company’s previous goal.

Despite previous reports, Ford’s increasing confidence on EV mass production relies less on its relationship with Rivian and more on its ability to secure relationships with battery suppliers and create massive assembly plants. As Ford Authority recently detailed, The Blue Oval is no longer working with Rivian on a jointly-developed vehicle. Instead, the automaker has cemented a relationship with South Korea battery manufacturer SK Innovation that will result in the company producing batteries for all of Ford’s North American products by the end of the decade. Additionally, Ford is in the early stages of building several large-scale facilities in the American south, and one campus has been allocated at least one electric F-Series pickup.

Assuming this latest declaration holds true, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning remains on track to beat the Tesla Cybertruck to market by a significant margin. Regardless, the electric offshoot of the F-150 is already the most considered pickup in its class, just like its ICE counterpart.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Jason

    Good thing all those horrible lithium mines are way over in China, and there is no electric plant that will double or triple it’s emission any where near my house. That’s are so much better for my environment than a small ICE that generates it’s power on the vehicle on demand, and with little to no power loss due to transmission distance. Yep I am really someone who hates the earth and life on this planet!

    1. Akproud

      Yes there is power loss due to delivery, unless you’re ICE is fuelled directly from oil well.

  2. Hi

    ICE vehicles are junk, stay far away.

    1. Hi

      Oops meant to say EV’s are,,,,

  3. Wanted33

    Well I certainly hope the Lightning launch goes better than that of the Bronco. We have day 1 first hour reservation holders than haven’t even got a sniff of a build date. Plus with Ford bowing down to the mega dealers, and changing the ’22 Bronco allocation formula people who reserved at their small home town dealer will have their builds pushed out to possible 2024. One of those is me. Fords promise to build all reserved Broncos before any dealer stock has turned into a big lie with this change in allocations. I wish the folks that have a Lightning reserved much luck, and hope Ford doesn’t send you down the same road as us who reserved a Bronco. And one more thing, when you get a price from your dealer, for goodness sake get it in writing and sign by both parties. The dealers that have scammed Bronco buyers is very long. These folks thought they had an agreement for MSRP, only to arrive at the salepersons desk looking at a 5-10K mark-up over MSRP. So beware, you have been warned.

    1. Jake Sidorov

      What a lot of people fail to take into consideration, is that the body is still an ICE F-150, only the skateboard drive chassis is new to this vehicle. It saved tons of time than starting from scratch.
      I think they built the better part of one million last year…, I think they can handle it!


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