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2022 Ford Ranger Is A Better Buy Than The 2022 Chevy Colorado: Report

As a whole, Ford has received some mixed results from various Consumer Reports surveys in recent months, starting with a below-average ranking in the organization’s most recent reliability study. At the same time, Consumer Reports also added the 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E to its list of recommended cars after the 2021 model proved to have above average reliability, while the 2022 Ford Ranger also recently became CR‘s highest-rated pickup truck. Now, Consumer Reports has also declared the 2022 Ford Ranger a better buy than the 2022 Chevy Colorado.

The consumer organization routinely cranks out its list of “popular cars to avoid and what to buy instead” to help shoppers choose between popular models. These alternatives have scored well in CR‘s testing, offer solid reliability, come equipped with key safety features, and performed well in crash testing. In that regard, the 2022 Ranger came out ahead of the Colorado in virtually every measurable way.

CR found quite a few faults with the Colorado, which it gave an overall score of 45 due to the fact that it breaks little ground in the mid-size pickup segment, save for its optional diesel engine. Otherwise, Consumer Reports discovered that the Colorado has uncomfortable seats and an unideal driving position, below-average predicted reliability, and merely average owner satisfaction. Things were so bad that CR even recommended buyers opt for the car-like Honda Ridgeline over the Colorado.

On the flip side, the 2022 Ranger has a much better overall score of 62 and offers buyers solid fuel efficiency, as well as size that’s small enough to make it easy to get around in, yet big enough to hold plenty of people and gear. The Ranger’s predicted reliability is also above average, to boot.

As Ford Authority has recently reported, the Ranger is receiving a few updates for the 2022 model year ahead of a full redesign. That includes the introduction of the Splash Package and the Splash Limited Edition, as well as the addition of a body-color SecuriCode keyless entry system.

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  1. Chris Blanchard

    While I am an unabashed Ford fanboy (geezer), I can’t wrap my head around CR recommending Colorado intenders get a Ridgeline instead.

  2. Deadarmadillo

    I think the Ranger is fine and I expect that will be my next pickup (if they put a v-6 turbo in it). However why would Ford Authority or anyone else for that matter care what Consumer Reports thinks? If we took CR as gospel we would all be driving Toyota Prius’. That they recommended the Honda Ridgeline over the Colorado simply shows their abysmal ignorance. Apples and Oranges. Not saying the Ridgeline isn’t an excellent vehicle, it’s just not the same type of pickup as the Ranger and Colorado.

    1. Jim Johnsen

      If we took CR as gospel we would all be driving Toyota Prius’
      This wins the “Best Line of the Month” award!!
      CR is a biased organization that we should take with a (massive) grain of salt.

  3. Roy Chile’s

    I’ll wait for the 23 Ranger instead

  4. J guthrie



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