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2023 Ford Escape Photos Preview New Headlights, Trim Level Changes

Back in September, Ford Authority reported that the Ford Escape would be receiving a mid-cycle refresh in 2023, followed by a redesign in 2025. The following month, Ford Authority spies spotted a 2023 Ford Escape prototype for the very first time wearing camouflage, though it was immediately obvious that the refreshed crossover will feature more aggressive styling than the current-gen model. Then, last week, our spies captured a different 2023 Ford Escape prototype out driving around with a slightly different look, which makes the two worth comparing.

Up front, these two 2023 Escape prototypes wear some obvious differences. The prototype on the left appears to preview a more premium model with LED headlights. Additionally, the front grille shares a similar aesthetic with the 2022 Ford Escape Titanium, which Ford refers to as a “mesh” grille. The current-gen Escape Titanium features both LED reflector headlamps with signature lighting and LED fog lamps as standard equipment.

The 2023 Escape prototype on the right, on the other hand, features a less-aggressive egg crate-style front grille and a more simple headlight design, signaling that it could potentially preview a lower trim level than the other prototype.

Down the side, these two prototypes are essentially identical save for wheel design. In the rear, the most obvious difference is the taillights. The prototype on the right is wearing what appears to be a set of neutral-density (clear) taillights. It’s possible that Ford removed the color from the outer portion of the taillight housings, though it’s unclear if this change is headed to the production model or if it’s simply a characteristic unique to this particular prototype.


The 2023 Ford Escape’s refresh will carry over to the interior, which will feature a large infotainment screen, as Ford Authority reported last month, joining a number of other newer FoMoCo vehicles that are also equipped with big screens.

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  1. Alan Calunas

    I’ve had an ’02, ’13, ’15, ’17, and ’19. Titanium’s, loaded. I would have Leased a ’21 but was disappointed with the cheap-looking interior and decontenting since my ’17. Pay More, Get Less seems to be the current thinking. It’s pushing me towards the Mazda MX5 or the upcoming Sportage.
    Ford has really dropped the ball on the Escape.

  2. RRJ

    Regardless of anything else, that grill kills it for me; I cannot believe that Ford signed off on that.


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