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Biden Admin Releases EV Charging Action Plan For Future Public Stations

In recent months, Ford has committed heavily to EVs, pledged to help slash emissions in the coming years, and work toward a goal of reaching a point where at least half of its sales consist of electric vehicles. Additionally, just last week, President Joe Biden signed an executive order directing federal agencies to stop buying ICE-powered vehicles by 2027. However, automakers and lawmakers alike know that one of the biggest keys to increasing the EV adoption rate and achieving these goals is to build a formidable public charging infrastructure, and that’s what a new EV charging action plan from the Biden administration aims to do.

This new EV charging action plan takes a multi-pronged approach to establishing a robust public charging network, starting with the creation of a Joint Office of Energy and Transportation as the DOE and DOT will work together to implement the EV charging network and other electrification provisions from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Additionally, the DOE and DOT will launch a new Advisory Committee on Electric Vehicles as the White House works to gather input from a wide array of stakeholders.

By February, the DOT will issue guidance for states and cities on deploying EV charging stations to build out this national network, focusing on rural areas and other places where infrastructure is lacking. The Biden administration is currently gathering information from domestic manufacturers as it ultimately decides which will build the charging network, with all manufacturing and assembly to take place in the U.S.

Finally, the DOT has issued a forthcoming solicitation for the sixth round of Alternative Fuel Corridors designations, which recognizes highway segments that have infrastructure plans to allow travel on alternative fuels, including electricity. The goal of these actions is to establish a more uniform public charging network that utilizes more consistent types of connectors and payment methods in addition to greatly expanding the sheer number of chargers available.

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  1. Thurston Munn

    Amazing, when was the last time government tax payer dollars built a gas station ?? Just more inflation and expense for the middle working class and the poor.


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