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Biden Will Order Federal Agencies To Stop Buying ICE Vehicles By 2027

Since taking office early this year, President Joe Biden has been very forthcoming about his desire to transition the country away from ICE vehicles and toward electric vehicles. Over the last several months, Biden has taken a number of actions to achieve this goal, including urging Detroit automakers to eye a 40 percent EV sales mix by 2030 before signing an executive order that aspires to achieve a larger 50 percent mix by the same date. However, some don’t feel like Biden has done enough in this regard, and many want him to support more ambitious EV plans that include a ban on the sale of new ICE vehicles by 2035. Biden hasn’t yet embraced these proposals but has now signed an executive order directing federal agencies to stop buying ICE-powered vehicles by 2027.

Biden’s plan to achieve carbon neutrality involves a declaration that “each agency’s light-duty vehicle acquisitions shall be zero-emission vehicles by the end of fiscal year 2027.” Additionally, every federal agency with a fleet containing at least 20 vehicles must develop a zero-emission fleet strategy and then update it annually.

That strategy must contain a number of key components, including how each agency intends to maximize the acquisition and deployment of zero-emission light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles. However, this only applies to areas where the General Services Administration (GSA) offers one or more zero-emission vehicle options for that vehicle class. Additionally, these strategy reports must also present ways to optimize fleet size and composition, as well as methods used to deploy a zero-emission vehicle “refueling” infrastructure.

Biden originally signaled that he intended to transition the entire 650,000-vehicle federal fleet to electric power back in February. After years of debate, the United States Postal Office ultimately chose to award its coveted mail carrier contract to Oshkosh Defense, though Ford will also supply engines, transmissions, suspension parts, and other components for the next-generation model.

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  1. Ken

    They better be American built if they do.

  2. Samurai

    It’s not that I don’t support going green, but we can’t phase out ICE vehicles yet. I support Hybrid systems, but not fully electric. Until a fully electric vehicle with a full load can go from New York to California on a single charge, I don’t want it.

    1. Robert A.

      These USPS vehicles aren’t going to California, unless the PO is in California. They’re mostly going to be in their local and/or neighboring community. So the trucks don’t really need extremely long mileage charges, as they may only go 150 miles per day, if that, for the most part. And, going along with the electric vehicles will be dozens of chargers, probably more than size of the local fleet, at each post office that will keep the trucks fully charged, overnight, once the driver returns to the PO at the end of their daily shift.

  3. Ford Owner

    No worries for you because electrics will take over. Biden just started the “electric ball ” rolling, which will not stop.

  4. Power Plant

    Breaking news….The electricity comes from…wait for it…power plants!

    1. Tigger

      You mean it does not come from pixie dust and butterflies?

    2. Marty

      Or if you are Tesla (operating in certain parts of the world), diesel generators. How “green”.

  5. Stephen Ketterer

    EVs are a propaganda fairytale

    1. Clarence RICHARD Moody


  6. Roadrunner

    Hope so. It’s insane to believe you can transition from fossil fuels to elect in such a short time. NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING, you can see or touch except for naturally growing plants, got to market eithout fossil fuel. To change everything to electric will take at least 50 years. By that time the true fossil fuel replacement will be practical. That is HYDROGEN.

    1. Michael

      Electricity will not get you to outer space, the moon or beyond, hydrogen will.

  7. Mike

    Thank god he’ll be gone before then. If he ordered federal agencies to be set up for electric only vehicles, even tho stupid also, it would make sense, before ordering them to buy appliances only.


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