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Certain Ford Super Duty Trucks Cannot Use Snow Chains

Snow chains are a valuable tool for folks that live in areas that get extreme amounts of snow, to the point where even snow tires struggle to find traction. However, certain Ford Super Duty trucks cannot use snow chains, a fact that came to light after Ford Authority received numerous questions about that topic recently. And as it turns out, there are select Ford Super Duty models that the automaker does not recommend using snow chains on.

Those models are trucks equipped with LT275/65R20 or LT285/75R18 sized tires, presumably due to clearance issues. Ford also recommends that those wanting to use snow chains on the Super Duty utilize steel wheels of the same size and specification, as cables can chip aluminum wheels. Additionally, owners should use only SAE Class S chains, install chains securely so they aren’t touching things like brake lines, fuel lines, or wiring, and only install chains on the rear axle.

Ford also notes that the Super Duty’s suspension insulation and bumpers help protect the vehicle from damage, so those items should not be removed when using snow chains. If possible, the vehicle should not be fully loaded, and on dual rear wheel models, chains should only be installed on the outer wheels. Chains should be retightened if the driver hears rubbing or banging while driving, and removed completely when roads are dry.

As Ford Authority reported back in March, the 2022 Ford Super Duty will receive a host of updates including an available 12-inch center touchscreen, a new Lariat Sport Appearance Package, and new interior and exterior colors. The 2022 Super Duty will also lose its underhood service light, while 2022 King Ranch and Platinum trims will come standard with four-wheel drive. 2022 Ford F-250 buyers will be able to opt for the 3.55-geared electronic-locking rear axle without also having to pair it with a towing package, and 2022 Super Duty King Ranch models are losing the previously standard 18-inch wheels for standard 20-inch units.

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  1. Bob

    So a tremor cannot use chains? That doesn’t make sense and does not align with the owners manual.

  2. Ryan

    Further evidence that aluminum rims are a terrible idea

  3. Barney Rangi

    What type of truck is this

  4. Robert C Knight

    What kind of Super Duty F250 4×4 can operate in deep snow / off-road are you people building? You really don’t build a real off-road vehicle ! Without chains on all four wheels it is useless. I have been driving Ford trucks since 1976, I think this may well be My last Ford F250, if it lasts long enough to trade in on better truck. My last F350 (2000) lasted 21 years, 21 seasons ever year in Colorado deep snow/mud! I don’t think My 2022 F250 will make very long when I leave it in a snow/ mud hole in Colorado

  5. Robert C Knight

    Maybe Junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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