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Ford CEO Jim Farley Says Chip Shortage Will Probably Last Through 2023

The semiconductor chip shortage has had an undeniably large impact on automotive production throughout 2021, but as far as when this crisis might actually ease is a topic that’s up for debate. Some believe that we’re nearing the end of the chip shortage, while others believe that it will persist into next year, through the summer of 2022, or longer, up to 2024 to even years later. Now, Ford CEO Jim Farley has given his latest update on when he believes the chip shortage might end, and it leans a bit toward the pessimistic side.

Jim Farley revealed his latest timeline when Automotive News asked if Ford was still considering shipping unfinished vehicles to dealers in response to the chip shortage. “I think we have to remain very open,” Farley said of that topic. “We’re discussing it today still. I think we trust our dealers; they’re one of our biggest advantages. If we had to do that and we did the right quality assurance and process, I wouldn’t hesitate at all. We haven’t been in that situation so far; early on it looked like we would, but I wouldn’t count that out yet. We think this will last through 2023 to some extent, and who knows what next year holds for us?”

Back in July, Ford Authority reported that FoMoCo was thinking about shipping chipless vehicles to Ford dealers in an effort to bolster inventory on lots and free up space where the automaker had been storing tens of thousands of unfinished vehicles for months. Ford dealers would then receive chips for those vehicles when they became available, at which time technicians could install the chips and those vehicles could be sold. However, Ford ultimately decided not to pursue that plan back in August, though it appears to still be in the realm of possibility.

In the meantime, Ford continues to navigate the chip shortage by deleting certain features and even offering special, stripped-down versions of vehicles like the Ford Puma Design and Ford EcoSport Design that come equipped with fewer chips, and as a result, fewer features.

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  1. Michael Fornetti

    How about selling something with no AC, manual transmission, no power windows, no power seats, no NAV, no heated seats, no heated steering wheel, and no radio for about $20,000 less

    1. Vinny Trotta

      Excellent Idea !!!!!

    2. Mike

      I order my gt mustang starting last. June of 2021. I’m ordering. 400a package mustang. G. T. In mischievious. Purple. Now I hear. It’s not released color. Omg. Stupid. Sadly I’m dying of cancer. I want my. Car. It’s going. To. Shelby American. For. My. Dream car. Please. Reliease. The dam color

    3. art

      how about the highest paid ceo s in the world and none….none…thought to have a backup for chips(which now run everything)..maybe plants in the US or Mexico–somewhere close..sure its easy for me to see now,,,but I am not getting paid to have contingencies…maybe all CEOs are grossly overpaid…

  2. vinny trotta

    Ford charges 60,000 dollars for an F-150 and the same for a loaded Mustang GT. Their cars are not cheap. How much of a difference would it be if Ford made their chips in the US ???!!!

    1. Patrick

      I’d love to see more semiconductor chips manufactured in the United states. Who knows maybe Ford has already started working with U.S. based semiconductor manufacturing companies. Let’s hope so.

  3. James

    Couldn’t be more disappointed with FOMCO. They are manipulating the market imo along with the other big corporations. They boast about record profits all the while average consumers struggle to afford what they are selling. Happy for him and his vintage race cars. Ford has nothing I can afford and or want. The bread basket of a truck the maverick is, you can’t get. They advertise a starting price that can’t be found let alone test driven. Really sad time for blue collar Americans. Gonna take a good look before ever give them another dime. I have been blessed in the past to have purchased multiple new Fords, most likely gonna take my blessings somewhere else.

  4. Josh Mendoza

    How about those of us that ordered 2021 Raptors some of which have still not been delivered (its 12-7-2021) and some of us who Ford just gave up and said screw it we are going to turn your order into a 2022….but it wont be built till the end of February…at the earliest. I would think if Ford would stockpile the necessary components needed if they are going to open it up for ordering but what do I know. I’m just another idiot waiting for my truck.

  5. steven

    trying to get a hold of the one that has a say on building a new car I know that if you build a new cougar like 1968s with a 427 in it it will sale and if you do I will like the first one

  6. Pam

    Non of this is ANY Manufacturers Fault! They are not getting rich off this Chip crisis! They have made many vehicles that are sitting in holding areas- waiting for as many as aprox. 500-1,600 chips for each unit depending on the number of electronic features ! They are keeping them & at least so far – have not made Dealers keep them on our lots ! It is the manufacturers that are losing the most $$ in this ! Our allocation from Ford is usually around 40-60 vehicles a month- this month we are being given 16 vehicles- so we suffer along as do people waiting months for a vehicle that was ordered in September, built in November & is sitting on hold -waiting for it’s -1,000 Chips/ Semiconductors ! Taiwan is the largest supplier of chips @ around 50% !
    Since China has its eyes on getting Taiwan again-this will be important to more than just the Auto Industry ! Our Dealership is 63 years old & 2nd generation . It hurts both in the $ & in customer loyalty. Thank heaven we are all in the same boat ! Electric is not the total answer & will take 25 years to cycle into total use!! Sign me Midwest Auto Dealer co-Family Owner!

    1. Patrick

      We definitely need to get this area of manufacturing back in the U.S.
      I realize the costs are higher but we need to weigh consequences like what’s happening right now. The manufacturing of these chips could be exclusively in China’s hands before you know it. I hope companies such as ford realizes this. It’s time for all companies that rely heavily on semiconductor chips to join together and build their own manufacturing plants here in America.

  7. JB Groves III CCN

    Hey Jim,

    Been in IT for almost fifty years.

    I remember when the only resign plant in the world burned down and memory prices went through the roof.

    Lack of computer chips for all Ford trucks. Hmmm…

    The pent up demand is going to be great….provided the loyal stay loyal…

    By the way…wife wants a Maverick…

    Hope we will be able to get one…


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