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Ford Evos Spotted Hanging Out Around Dearborn In Various Forms

The Ford Evos was revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show back in April and launched in China just a few weeks ago. The stylish crossover is not a Mondeo or Fusion successor, as many previously thought, but rather, a brand new model designed specifically for Chinese customers. Regardless, Ford Authority spies spotted two Evos models driving around near Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan recently.

The first Evos appears to be a production model that’s not wearing any camouflage whatsoever. Finished in a dark red hue, this Evos also has black accents and a black roof, lending a sporty look to the sleek new crossover. The Evos features what Ford calls its “Progressive Energy in Strength” design philosophy, which “fuses the three dimensions of agility, command, and responsiveness” that the automaker says appeals to contemporary Chinese customers. The Evos is part of the automaker’s new crossover-heavy focus in China, which CEO Jim Farley previously called the “heart and soul” of the company’s business in that country.

The second Evos spotted by Ford Authority spies is a prototype covered in partial camo that also has some sort of sensor present on its roof. There are some key parts missing from this particular prototype, including the fender trim, and the Camo appears to have been partially torn off.

It’s unclear what, exactly, these Evos models are doing in the U.S., but Ford does test models that aren’t bound for North America near its headquarters, so this isn’t unprecedented. In fact, Ford Authority spies have previously spotted a number of international models testing in Michigan, including the new Lincoln Zephyr sedan and the Ford Puma ST. As Ford Authority reported earlier today, a Mondeo wagon was also recently spotted near Peoria, Arizona as well.

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  1. crabbymilton

    They have countless of SUV’s and crossovers here often with duplication and overlap. So if they bring those over, who’s gonna even notice?

  2. TheRetiredViking

    Maybe Ford will “do a Buick” and bring in some Chinese thing at a greatly inflated price.

  3. Crabbymilton

    As long as they put the FORD logo on it, some will buy regardless of what type of vehicle it is and they could build it on Mars for all they care. That’s how the masses think.

  4. Njia


  5. Kozymoto Fripp

    Theres an old adage that if you want a Donkey to pay attention, smack em across the forehead with a two by four.
    The US auto companies are the Jack Asses and we are the two by fours..
    Quit buyin new cars!!! Buy beaters!!! Drop your insurance rates…save money.
    If everybody quits buying their crap maybe they might stop building crap or fold up.
    And the Black hole of the insurance industry will pressure, the banks too, not mortgaging new cars…they are badly engineered Air Bag Collections with no class at all.
    Buy beaters..w

    1. crabbymilton

      I kept my ’04 GRAND MARQUIS for over 17 years and just over 205k miles. It was a great car but it would have cost me more money than the car was worth to keep it going and I would have kicked myself later, I bought a ’21 NISSAN ALTIMA last month and this thing has surpassed my expectations and then some. So while there are many vehicles out there are crap, I don’t believe by any stretch that all of them are.
      Remember, nobody will say that the 1957 CHEVROLET line was bad. They are one of the most sought after cars out there so yes, they obviously had something. But if it was that good, why doesn’t GM still build them in their original form now?
      On the other hand, not too many people could say that the FORD PINTO is better than any FORD product now nor the CHEVROLET VEGA better than any GM product today. My very first car was a 1972 AMC MATADOR. Not the worst car in the history of the auto world but was it better than any car now, I would say no.

      1. Marco G

        Rode in an Altima. You must be kidding. Your expectations aren’t high enough, so they were easily surpassed.

  6. Roy Chile’s

    The grill looks like the FORD Edge

  7. fergal reidy

    ford need to bring out new mondeo or something close to it real soon……………….in all of europe…………………….losing sales to audi, bmw……………..and merc in big numbers……………….that size or bit bigger in diesel still wanted in big numbers all over europe………………….. ford need to wake up asap………………….ireland and uk badly require mondeo or better ……………………………in all fuel types…………talk to your sales staff in all european countries today………………….short survey should tell u want u need to know………………………………………..

    1. fergal reidy

      agree with fergal reidy from ireland


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