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Ford F-150 Lightning Chief Engineer Makes T3’s ‘Future 50’ List

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is a critical product for FoMoCo as it embarks on a major EV pivot, as electrifying its most important vehicle – the Ford F-150 – was always a bit of a risk. However, customers have responded in a big way as the automaker has racked up over 200,000 reservations for the F-150 Lightning thus far, exceeding its expectations and prompting Ford to stop taking reservations and ramp up production sooner than expected. By all accounts, the Ford F-150 Lightning is already a hit and a technological powerhouse, and as a result, T3 has placed its chief engineer, Linda Zhang, on its “Future 50” award list.

“The level of acceptance of the fully electric version of this iconic truck gives hope for the move away from fossil fuel-powered vehicles,” T3 said. “If the Ford F-150 can go electric, anything can, and that’s all thanks to the work of Linda Zhang. If that’s not a great reason to include her in this list I don’t know what is.”

The Future 50 list recognizes 50 of the most influential people in technology today, and Zhang is an obvious choice for this year’s group. The 44-year-old followed in her father’s footsteps by joining the Ford College Graduate program after securing a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan. Zhang has now been with Ford for 25 years, working her way up the ladder and eventually landing what is likely the most important role of her career.

Zhang’s role in making the F-150 Lightning a desirable product in what is arguably the toughest segment to electrify is certainly noteworthy, particularly as Ford faces intense competition from Tesla, Rivian, GMC, and Chevrolet in that space. However, CEO Jim Farley believes that the vast majority of reservations holders will follow through and order an F-150 Lightning, which means that the automaker will have a big head start in one of the most competitive new segments around.

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  1. Steve

    Don’t you just love the commercial showing this truck powering your home. Oh that’s so cool, right? Until your truck’s batteries completely die and now you’re left with a house with no power and a truck that won’t get you anywhere, Stranded. So what now? Call AAA? I mean it’s not like you could walk to a gas station to buy some of batteries. Call your neighbor that has a real truck that runs on gas and a generator that keeping his house powered? Yeah, so cool, NOT.

  2. Montana Man

    Well done, Ms Zhang!
    We look forward to what you devise next!

  3. Al

    If the total grid goes down we will all have major problems. Living in central California, we have localized interruptions. During the day my Ford battery will disconnect me from the grid and my solar panels will continue to produce more power than I use
    This will allow my Ford to continue charging until evening. If needed I can disconnect drive 20 miles and top off.

    The government should get out of the incentive business but as long as they are, I will take.

  4. Davy

    What is the projected life span of the battery and what is the replacing cost?


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