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Ford Market Cap Surges Past GM For First Time In Five Years

For some time now, Ford stock hasn’t exactly been the envy of Wall Street and investors. However, back in February, the tide started to turn as analysts started changing their tune in terms of ratings and price targets. Ford stock began to surge as the automaker’s commitment to electric vehicles won over investors, and outlooks continue to improve as the year has gone by. Ford shares reached a 20-year high of $19.72 back in November, and have grown even more in the ensuing weeks. That surge has also taken Ford market cap to a place it hasn’t been in five years – higher than the automaker’s chief cross-town rival, General Motors.

As markets closed yesterday, the Ford market cap reached $83 billion, which barely edged out GM’s market value of $82.9 billion. It was the first time this has happened since September 14th, 2016, when the company had a market cap of $48.2 billion. The upward trajectory can be largely attributed to CEO Jim Farley, who took over the top spot at Ford in October of 2020 and has since shifted the automaker’s focus toward electrification.

Under Farley’s watch, Ford has made massive investments in both electric vehicles and battery production, committed to profitable subscription services as a way to generate recurring revenue for the automaker, and launched a host of desirable new vehicles including the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Ford Bronco Sport, and Ford Bronco, to name a few. Recently, Ford revealed that it has doubled its planned yearly EV production from 300,000 units per year to 600,000 as well.

In spite of Ford and GM’s significant commitment to EVs, upstart electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian still enjoys a market cap far higher than either legacy company, coming in at $92.6 billion yesterday despite news that it is delaying certain models, while Tesla blows all three out of the water with a market value of $1.09 trillion.

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