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Ford Mondeo Wagon Spotted Hanging Out In Arizona

As Ford Authority previously reported, the Ford Fusion was officially discontinued back in August of 2020, while production of its international twin – the Ford Mondeo – is scheduled to end in Europe next year. However, the 2023 Ford Fusion/Mondeo will be returning as both a sedan and crossover-like wagon/hatchback, as Ford Authority previously reported. The sedan is being earmarked for China, and it’s currently unclear if it will be available in other markets, though Europe and North America will likely get a more rugged Active variant. For these reasons and more, a Ford Mondeo wagon sighting in Peoria, Arizona, recently by a Reddit user is quite perplexing.

This Ford Mondeo wagon is wearing the tell-tale yellow sticker on the windshield that tells us it’s owned by Ford, but it’s unclear why the vehicle is in the U.S. The Mondeo does utilize the same hybrid powertrain present in the Ford Escape Hybrid and Ford Maverick Hybrid, and Peoria is roughly seven hours north of the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant, where the Fusion was produced prior to its discontinuation.

Regardless, this isn’t the first time Ford has had a non-U.S. model in the states, as a next-gen Fusion/Mondeo prototype was recently caught by Ford Authority spies driving around the Metro Detroit area. However, spies have yet to capture the next-gen Fusion/Mondeo in Active form as of this writing – only sedan prototypes have been spotted driving around to date.

Meanwhile, the Mondeo is soldiering on in China, where it’s produced at the Ford Changan Assembly Plant. Recently, the Chinese Mondeo switched to a full hybrid and diesel lineup and gained a new 12.8-inch infotainment screen with SYNC+.

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  1. crabbymilton

    That’s a really sharp looking car. So many of these SUV’s and crossovers have rather short wheelbases in relation to their height so in other words top heavy.

  2. Joseph Drew

    Bring this to the US, and there might be a Ford in my future again.

  3. Brad Barefoot

    Hey Ford ! Forget about “active” it will sell as a “hybrid” or “standard” variation as it is. Don’t cave to the “soccer mom mentality” on this one. As a child of the 1960’s Ford was the Wagon Master ! Prove you still are. I’ll put my money where my mouth is … Bring it, I’ll order a hybrid version, fly in to the factory and drive it home.

  4. Mark L Bedel

    Wow! Very nice! Offer a Focus ST package and I’ll buy one!

  5. Gary

    Sell the Mondeo wagon here with gas only v6 or electric only and I might buy one, I won’t buy a hybrid!

  6. Sam Shive

    I’d buy two. If you built it they will sell

  7. Justen M Ramírez

    Just give us that New Fusion & Lincoln Zephyr you gave CHINA!

  8. Dave

    I would love to see this Mondeo wagon here in the states! I would definately buy one. If Ford would let us Special Order one, that would show the real interest folks have for their wagons and cars.

  9. Phillip markis

    Give us some choices for a change. I would order a wagon, fwd, manual trans w/ eco boost 4 cyl. No automatic or hybrid for me.

  10. Anthony Freeborn

    Ford must be run by only women.They are the ones in love with SUV’s.Wagons are superior to SUV’s in every way,except you don’t sit up high like a princess.
    If I have to wait and import a wagon from Europe or Japan I will.No way I will ever drive a vehicle that looks like a potato.


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