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Goodyear Launches ElectricDrive GT, Its First-Ever Dedicated EV Tire

As more and more all-electric vehicles begin to populate our roads and automakers like Ford quickly expand the available EV offerings, the need for specialized products that cater to the unique characteristics of EVs has arisen. One of the biggest opportunity areas is tires. EVs are quieter than ICE-powered vehicles due to the lack of engine noise, which means that road noise is more prevalent. Thus, Goodyear has developed and launched its very first dedicated EV tire – dubbed ElectricDrive GT – that aims to provide a quieter ride than regular tires.

“With the continued growth in the EV segment, Goodyear recognized an opportunity to provide consumers with a tire designed for the unique needs of these vehicles,” said Andrew Lau, product marketing manager. “We know drivers are looking for a replacement tire that delivers enhanced treadwear without sacrificing performance. The ElectricDrive GT was designed with that in mind, and we’re thrilled to bring this option to market for EV drivers in the U.S.”

Goodyear’s new ultra-high performance, all-season EV tire features the company’s SoundComfort Technology, which it says acts like a built-in sound barrier to help reduce road noise. The ElectricDrive GT is designed with an asymmetric tread pattern and specialized tread compound that provides good traction in both wet and dry road conditions.

“Products that anticipate the mobility needs of consumers are central to Goodyear’s focus on innovation excellence. Electric vehicles present a very specific set of requirements for load, torque, noise, range, rolling resistance, and overall performance,” said David Reese, vice president, Product Development, Goodyear Americas. “We’re proud to deliver leading technologies to serve the evolving EV landscape.”

The Goodyear ElectricDrive GT will launch in just one size for now – 255/45R19 104W XL, but the long-time tiremaker plans on expanding its offerings next year.

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  1. chip66

    And how many more pedestrians are going to be injured or killed because of these quiet tires? EVs hit pedestrians at a much higher rate because people don’t hear the car coming.

  2. Jsee

    wondering what EV uses this particular size?

  3. George S

    The USA tire manufacturers need to adapt the EU tire noise ratings. Too many tires just sing as the vehicle goes down the road. I want quite tires so I cannot hear them a Mike away from the interstates. I hope Goodyear expands this new technology to all of its offerings, especially those big boys off roaders with huge clogs.

  4. Robert Arthur

    I would like to see this quiet tire technology adapted to ICE car tires.


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