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Lincoln Rival Lexus Will Go Fully Electric By 2030 In All Markets

Earlier today, Toyota announced a major EV initiative that includes a big about-face in terms of the Japanese automaker’s future plans. Toyota now intends to roll out 30 battery EV models by 2030, as well as achieve global sales of 3.5 million battery EVs per year by 2030 as it significantly increases its investment into electric vehicles and batteries. However, Toyota also announced that its luxury brand – Lexus – will go fully electric by 2030 in all markets across the globe.

Lexus stopped short of guaranteeing this would happen on time, instead saying that “it aims to realize” a full lineup of battery EVs in all segments across the globe by 2030, and that it intends to have EVs account for 100 percent of its sales in Europe, North America, and China with expected sales of one million units by that same date. The luxury brand then plans to go 100 percent electric in the rest of the world a few years later in 2035.

This move is certainly not unprecedented in the world of luxury automobiles, as Mercedes-Benz recently announced that starting in 2025, all newly launched vehicle architectures will be electric-only, while the automaker will reportedly be “ready” to go all-electric by 2030. Meanwhile, back in June, Lincoln announced that its entire lineup would be fully electrified (consisting of BEV, HEV, and PHEV models) by 2030.

Lincoln previously stated that its very first EV will launch in 2022, just in time for the brand’s 100th anniversary, and released a single, shadowy teaser image of that vehicle that Ford Authority later enhanced to reveal a Lincoln Zephyr-inspired front end design. A Lincoln Aviator EV was also confirmed back in September, but as Ford Authority reported last week, it and the Ford Explorer have been delayed to late 2024.

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  1. Matt

    That’s funny considering some Lexus models don’t even have a touchscreen and not to mention how much Toyota has been lobbying for that hydrogen bs and ice vehicles. By 2030 I wouldn’t be surprised if Toyota is limping by then especially after the announcement of fees just to use a feature in your vehicle that you payed for. I ain’t paying $8 a month to use remote start in addition to a $600 a month payment

    1. Marty

      Toyota are not the only ones. VAG have also pulled the plug on an electric Le Mans program in favor of synthetic fuels (I believe wine residue-based), as are other makes (both synthetic fuels and hydrogen — both a more realistic future than expensive and toxic electric tech). This is all you need to know because Le Mans historically has translated to the real world… The electric revolution ain’t happening or else it would be a lot further along than it is now.

  2. Roy Chile’s

    Sad as it is for me to say LINCOLN is not even on LEXUS level. 1 Sale SUVs the other sales SUVs, Sedans, and Coupes

  3. Marty

    Spoiler Alert: None of these companies are actually going fully electric by 20XX.

  4. JerseyGuy

    Ford continues to allow Lincoln to languish. Next to last in # of reported complaints. Few people searching luxury autos even search Lincoln. I have owned a 2001 LS and now a 2013 MKZ Hybrid. Love both but most likely won’t consider another Lincoln due to reliability issues and lack of electrification. Since Farley used to be with Lincoln, I would expect him to pay more attention to the brand.


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