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Many Ford Bronco Buyers Are Paying Cash, Not Trading In Vehicles

Though things got off to a bit of a rough start amid a global pandemic, the semiconductor chip shortage, and a number of other supply chain woes, Ford Bronco production has steadily improved in recent weeks, though most order holders are still waiting to take delivery of their new SUVs. But what’s particularly interesting about those that have purchased a 2021 Ford Bronco thus far is the fact that those folks are apparently paying cash, and they aren’t trading anything in either, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“The early adopters buying the Bronco want them, they don’t need them,” said Jeff King, vice president and general manager at Bozard Ford Lincoln. “The biggest trend we can see on trade-ins is that a lot of people don’t have them. We’re not seeing half of them being Jeeps.”

“They’ll typically just write the check,” said Mark Douglas, owner and president of Avis Ford. “New Bronco owners are usually adding a vehicle to their current portfolio. Many are well-to-do purchasers. There are essentially no incentives or rebates on Bronco. In other words, this is not a payment shopper. They’re buying this vehicle because they want it and they can afford it. We’re ultimately catering to a totally new customer to Ford.”

Instead of replacing other vehicles with the new Ford Bronco, it seems that many buyers are adding a second or third vehicle to their garage, an interesting trend given the fact that Ford has touted its large percentage of conquest buyers in recent months with other vehicles including the Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Mustang Mach-E.

“This is a vehicle people are adding to the household, and the frequency of that is greater than other vehicles,” Mark Grueber, Ford Bronco marketing manager, told the Free Press. “Bronco demand remains strong nearly a year and a half after the reveal, appealing to both experienced enthusiasts and those looking to get into the wild for the first time.”

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  1. Mortimer Duke

    It’s not as if Bronco is an ideal family grocery getter. Nor are dealers known for giving maximum trade allowances in a skyrocketing market.

  2. Roy Chile’s

    The economy is not hurting everyone

  3. Hans

    A two year wait for the car , people want to pay and go away .

  4. Steve

    The people that are not trading in their cars are selling them privately. That’s what I’m doing. Getting top dollar, more than the dealer will give me. Paid 30 grand for my 2010 F150 and already have a buyer for 22 grand once I get my Bronco.

  5. GaryB

    That’s BS. I’ve been eagerly following bronco news daily since 2017s reveal. My reservation is 520+days old. The inspection on my old rust bucket tab out in July 2020 and I’ve spent the last year and a half walking or riding my motorcycle to/from work. Every penny saved is for the bronco. I hear that the lucky few that do get scheduled for production, make it thru the gauntlet of scheduling changes and delays, and finally get to take delivery are showing up to the dealer asking for an extra 20k right then and there or they will sell it to the random guy off the street whom didn’t wait 5 seconds for it. Or customize the build. Or go thru months of phone calls and emails from Ford. Led to believe for months/years this was going to be their bronco. Only for the dealer to put a gun to your head when you get there and watch someone else steal it out from under you.

    If Ford could build all the orders at 100% capacity, there wouldn’t be so much surprise ADM, and then you would certainly see a shift in the buyer demographics

    1. Wanted33

      You are so right Gary. I reserved at a small home town dealer that gave me a great deal. I knew mine would be a late summer ’22 build with my res date. The big delaers found out they were out manuvered by several small dealers that were offering fair pricing, and they whined to Ford. Ford bowed down, and changed the ’22 allocations formula to the advantage of the big boys while screwing those few small dealers along with their customers. Now I’m looking at a possible 2024 build date because of Fords BS. I used to be one of Fords biggest fanboys, and now I feel the fool. As you said, Ford could build every reserved Bronco next year is they would, but apparantly Ford couldn’t care less about us at this point. They don’t even care that these large dealers are taking advantage of their customers with the stupid high ADM’s. “Let’s Go Ford”.


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