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Next Gen Ford Everest Teased With Exposed Front End, Very Little Camo

The all-new, next-generation, international market version of the Ford Ranger was just revealed last month, though we’re still waiting on the unveiling of the next gen Ford Everest, which along with the Ranger and Ford Bronco, rides on the Ford T6 platform. However, Ford Authority spies spotted a left-hand drive next gen Ford Everest driving around the automaker’s headquarter in Dearborn this past summer, while Ford Authority also reported that the SUV will feature a large infotainment screen shortly thereafter. Now, Ford is teasing the next-gen Everest with far less camo than ever before, giving us our best look yet at the forthcoming model.

As one might expect, the new Everest looks virtually identical to the next-gen Ranger, save for the fact that it’s an SUV. The Everest features the same revised front-end styling as the mid-size pickup, as well as the Ranger’s overall edgier look than the outgoing model. That styling takes cues from a number of existing models in the automaker’s lineup, including the Ford F-150 and Ford Maverick.

The Everest, also known as the Endeavor in the Indian market, is a mid-size, body-on-frame SUV that’s been in production since 2003 and was mainly developed for Asian markets, though it’s also sold in a number of other places including the Middle East, Australia, and Central America. The first-generation model remained in production until the 2015 model year when the second-gen Everest launched. It last received a facelift for the 2018 model year.

The current Everest is known for its off-road capability and up to seven-seat configuration. It’s unclear if Ford plans on bringing the next-gen Everest to North America, the SUV is a practical, conventional-looking off-roader, so perhaps there is room for it in FoMoCo’s ever-growing SUV and crossover lineup.

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  1. Mark L Bedel

    I think that it’s kind of funny that camo is required for a vehicle that certainly doesn’t have a revolutionary profile by any stretch. But hey, maybe there is a new, groundbreaking headlight or taillight design!

  2. W Campbell

    “It’s unclear if Ford plans on bringing the next-gen Everest to North America”
    Well it’s a product we actually want and not some lame crossover, so the answer is undoubtedly no.

  3. Roger Sunderland

    Not to mention it would compete with the Bronco. If it were built here and not imported it would likely have to share production capacity with both the Bronco and the Ranger at Michigan Assembly. Since Ford can’t seem to meet the demand for either of those two I doubt we will ever see it here.

  4. Pete

    Would this be an Edge replacement? Because…yes. Please.

  5. Diesel

    More choices is always a good thing for customers, but it may not make good financial sense from the manufacturer’s standpoint. However, Toyota seems to be doing great with their long list of SUV: Land Cruiser, Sequoia, 4Runner, Highlander, Venza, RAV-4, Corolla Cross, C-HR, not to mention their Lexus counterparts.

  6. DOC

    I bought a 21′ Ranger but the new Everest looks awesome. Would’ve definitely shopped for that instead if it were an option!


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