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Poll: Does This S550 Mustang With Ford GT Style Taillights Look Good?

Throughout the course of history, there have been countless modifications available to purchase for pretty much every vehicle that has ever existed. Some are more popular to modify than others, of course, and that includes the iconic Ford Mustang. However, as most are well aware, not all pony car modifications are created equally – some enhance Ford’s long-running model, while others are, well, total eyesores. As for the Ford GT-style taillights on this S550 Mustang, well, we’ll leave that for our readers to decide.

The S550 Mustang, like all of its predecessors, has been fruitful for the aftermarket, giving companies that operate in that space many ways to capitalize on the popular pony car. But while most are quite satisfied with the latest generation Mustang’s retro-style taillights, others want more of an exotic look. Enter these Ford GT-style taillights, which also happen to resemble the taillights present on a number of modern Ferrari vehicles.

Either way, these halo-type taillights are indeed different, if nothing else. A Twitter used by the name of Calvin Ling spotted the mod recently on a Ford Mustang GT convertible, and Ling admitted that he likes the look. As for us, well, we’re not so sure. The halos stick out quite a bit, and leave more of a void in the already large taillight panel that connects both ends. Also, the Mustang is a pony car, not an exotic, so to us at least, the taillights look a bit out of place.

However, we’re sure that others will disagree, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, and styling of any kind is highly subjective. So be sure and vote in the poll below, because we’re curious to hear what our readers think about this particular modification!

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Mark B

    They look too Ferrariesk. Not an issue on a Ferrari mind you, but not on a Mustang. Tribar all the way!

  2. Dick Long

    This gave me cancer

  3. Dennis

    The tail lights themselves look great, they just don’t fit the car. They would however look awesome on a new Thunderbird or Galaxie rendition

  4. Mark

    A Ford GT is a Ford GT, and a Mustang is a Mustang, just let them be them.

  5. Ricardo

    I like the new taillights, but it’s no longer a mustang with them.

  6. Tom Payne

    Beautiful lights, but not on the Mustang.

  7. Sonny

    Do not go well with the style of the car!

  8. Jerry Gira

    The Morimoto Aventador tail lights mod on the C7 Corvette would have been a much better choice. They are sequential and retain the triplet theme using a cool arrows design.

  9. Strategery

    Not, and good luck with sequential turn signals using those…

  10. Dave Mathers

    Uh, NO!!

  11. JoMama

    Terrible. Doesn’t belong on any Mustang.

  12. MBR

    UG thats all I have to say about a round tailight on a square body.

  13. Lawrence Luhowy

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it !

  14. Mike

    No pride in trying to make your Mustang look like a Ferrari. Besides the Current Mustang sequential LED bright tail lights. Extremely cool IMO.

  15. Mike

    No pride in trying to make your Mustang look like a Ferrari. Besides the Current Mustang has extremely bright,sequential LED tail lights. Extremely cool IMO.

  16. MAJB Retired

    Definitely a No No. This do not look even partially good on the Mustang

  17. Mike

    The round tail lights take you back to the early 1960’s. For Mustang, its’ very close Cousin, the Falcon.

  18. Chuck

    Yep! They look good 👍

  19. Chris Blanchard

    Maybe use the Ford GT lights on the Mach-e. They would make a good mid-cycle update on that car, and allow for a graceful name transition away from Mustang to say, Falcon. Farley likes resurrecting past Ford monikers, and the Falcon enjoyed a good reputation down under, and most folks who had the previous NA Falcon are’t buying cars anymore anyway. Falcon would fit the humpy 4 door ‘-E better than Mustang.

  20. Mustang Polly

    At age 21, I bought my first new car–a 1968 Mustang Hardtop with a “Sprint” package. It had a 289 with a 2 barrel and automatic tranny. It was Lime Gold with a black vinyl top and black “C” stripes on the sides, with fog lamps in the grille. It also had those wonderful turn signals recessed into the hood…and I am wondering why they never brought those back! My second (current) Mustang is a used, low mileage stock 2006 GT in Redfire. After purchasing it from a very meticulous owner years ago, I added a white “Mustang GT” stripe on the side, then MBRP axle-back mufflers to give it a “rumble.” My final addition was a Raxiom wiring harness and LED bulbs to give “Ruby” the SIGNATURE 3-light sequential turn signals, which, in my opinion, symbolize the Mustang.
    I am in my 70’s and generally not opposed to new automotive ideas or customizing. BUT…in my humble opinion, Ford ruined the 2022 Mustang by making it look like an SUV…electric or not. I will keep my retro ’06 Mustang on the road as long as I am driving. I love the sound, power, looks and handling (especially “fishtailing”) of my “old girl.”
    BTW…don’t care for the change in taillights as shown…but, to each his own. Change sometimes means improvement…sometimes not.

  21. Wanted33

    Oh hell no………….

  22. Robert

    Would look great on a 1955 Ford Crown Victoria, not on a Mustang

  23. Fred Meiners

    The Mustang has always had a 3 light bezel from the get go! ……….as God intended when I first saw it in April of 1964. Our new 2023 will still have these traditional lights this being my 7th Pony !


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