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The Official Ford Motor Company Twitter Account Went Wild Yesterday

While there is plenty of controversial, polarizing content posted to Twitter on a regular basis, for the most part, the Ford Motor Company Twitter account sticks to the milder side of things, posting informative content and advertising its vehicles, celebrating the awards and recognition it receives, and highlighting its charitable efforts. However, yesterday, the official Ford Motor Company Twitter account went a bit “wild,” or at least deviated from its typical content by posting a series of EV-related memes in what appears to be a one-day event of sorts.

For context, here’s the sort of thing we normally see from Ford’s Twitter. In this case, the automaker is touting the vehicle-to-vehicle charging capabilities of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, as Ford Authority reported yesterday.

Then, out of the blue, Ford tweeted out a series of nine EV-related memes, all of which attempt to address common concerns about electric vehicles in a humorous way. “We’ve been trying to get you all comfortable with EVs for a while now, but maybe we were just speaking the wrong language,” the automaker said. Needless to say, these posts attracted a considerable amount of attention, both in the form of likes and comments.

While Ford is quite active on Twitter, so is its CEO, Jim Farley, via his own personal account. As Ford Authority previously reported, Farley has used the social media platform to praise Tesla CEO Elon Musk, but also to respond to Musk and even clap back at one Tesla fan who criticized him recently. These new posts are just another way for Ford to try and communicate its commitment to EVs, however, which includes electrifying its more iconic models and commercial vehicles (not heavier trucks, for now), and doubling the automaker’s planned annual EV production by 2024.

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  1. Joe Drew

    Insulting your target audience doesn’t sound like a good business plan. Ford has already lost me since I’m in the market for a sedan, this kind of thinking on their part is pretty much the final nail.


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