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We Render The Lincoln Corsair Limo, Theoretical Cadillac XT5 Limo Rival

For many years, Lincoln went head-to-head with its cross-town rival Cadillac not only on showroom floors, but also in the livery business. FoMoCo’s Panther platform provided the base for a number of limousines and hearse vehicles for decades, a tradition the MKT carried on for some time after that platform was no more. However, when Lincoln discontinued the the MKT limousine program, the Lincoln limo died along with it. Thus, Ford Authority thought it would be prudent to imagine what a Lincoln Corsair limo might look like, roughly a year after we renderedLincoln Continental limo.

This theoretical Lincoln Corsair limo would compete directly with the Cadillac XT5 limo, a stretched version of that brand’s luxury crossover. As is the case with most limos, the elongated XT5 features nearly identical exterior styling to the normal sized version, and that’s also the case with our rendered Corsair limo. Both the front and rear fascias are exactly like the regular Corsair, but the crossover has been stretched significantly for use as a chauffeur vehicle, hearse, or other similar applications.

Unlike the previously-spotted Cadillac XT5 limo, however, our Corsair limo features four doors, not six, with larger rear openings for occupants to enter and exit through. According to GM Authority, the Cadillac mule that was spotted last year was simply using the middle doors as a placeholder, however.

Considering the fact that the reborn Cadillac Professional Vehicles lineup is intent to compete in the livery space that Lincoln recently abandoned, it would make a lot of sense for FoMoCo to develop something like this Corsair limo. Whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen, however.

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  1. Roy Chile’s

    STOP ALREADY, LINCOLN needs to get back into the car making market. What next a limo Mustang?

  2. crabbymilton

    Perhaps they’ll craft a ZEPHYER version but until then, that’s all they can do. There was much horror and indignation when the XT5 and XTS versions came out. But you have to remember that most of these are going to be used as funeral and some airport/hotel transportation services even though most of the later prefer vans and buses built on van cutaway chassis. I doubt that most people riding in one of these will care who builds them let alone what they look like since it’s just transportation. You can always get a MAYBACH if you want an OEM purpose built limousine.

  3. Crabbymilton

    Sure I remember that. So why did they stop? Perhaps no market for OEM limousines?

  4. King Donut

    People think I’m crazy for holding onto my 2011 Town Car but that’s fine. Y’all can drive your electric unicycles to work. I’ll take the beast.


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