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2019 Ford Mustang Owners Have Issues With The 10-Speed Automatic

Ford has achieved some mixed results in recent Consumer Reports studies, ranking below average in the consumer organization’s 2021 reliability study as a brand, while 2022 Ford Explorer reliability is also predicted to lag behind the competition. As for the 2022 Ford Mustang, the automaker’s pony car is also projected to have below-average reliability – based on the experiences of owners of 2019-2021 models – and is also CR‘s lowest-rated American sports car. Now, a new Consumer Reports study has found that many 2019 Ford Mustang owners are having issues with FoMoCo’s 10-speed automatic transmission, too.

Consumer Reports considers the following features to be classified as minor transmission issues – gear selector and linkage, transmission computer, transmission sensor or solenoid, clutch adjustment, rough shifting, a slipping transmission, or leaks. A total of 5.7 percent of 2019 Ford Mustang owners who are also CR members indicated that they have had problems with the 10-speed’s rough shifting and gear hunting.

Transmission issues are one of 17 specific trouble spots that Consumer Reports looked at in this recent survey, which also includes data regarding both minor and major engine problems, engine cooling, the drive system, fuel system/emissions, electrical system, climate system, suspension/steering, brakes, exhaust system, paint/trim. body integrity, body hardware, and in-car electronics. The study examined vehicles that are between one and three years old, highlighting the most troublesome models in the order of severity.

Other reported trouble spots for the 2019 Mustang from CR members include such items as the infotainment screen, which can go blank at random times, windshield stress cracks, and drive system issues. These problems are part of the reason why Consumer Reports gave the 2019 Mustang a reliability score of one out of five – the lowest score possible.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Michael

    Not another Ford with transmission problems?

  2. Francois

    “Rough shifting” and “gear hunting” are highly subjective. How many of those complaining have never owned a sports car for example? The Mustang is #1 seller in the sporty car segment, all kinds of folks are “Finally getting” that V8 fast car before they’re all electric…

    A V8 Mustang blasting through a low 12 sec 1/4 mile probably won’t shift as “Smoothly” as your garden variety Camry or CRV… Typical of CR’s BS. Without proper context you can make statistics say pretty much anything.

    1. Donald Cleveland

      Nope these arr hard core ford buffs
      Neighbor has 2010 mustang some days only 8 gears some days 9 .
      Been to dealer 3 times no luck

      1. Chris

        Well he will never have any luck with that because the 2010 Mustang transmission only has 5 gears. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Some people just make $hit up just to hear themselves talk.

    2. Rob

      My 2019 seems to have a mind of its own but yes it is a sports car and these transmissions are capable of holding a thousand horsepower so you can either have your cake or eat it but I’ll tell you the transmission has never failed on me. I kind of like it it has its own little quirks but at the end of the day those hard shifts indicate good pressure and good pressure means no slippage. Also the transmission learns and gets used to how you drive so if you’re always on the pedal and then one day you decide to drive slow the transmission definitely has an issue making its mind for a little while.


    Very hard to keep reading this stuff about Ford. I have been a Ford man since childhood and working at a ford dealer since 1985.

  4. Chris D.

    “A total of 5.7 percent of 2019 Ford Mustang owners who are also CR members…..”

    i.e. 5.7% = 8 cars 🤣

    Do NOT put stock in CR’s flawed methodology. Their sample size is far too small to be accurate; especially as it pertains to the domestics. Never mind a domestic in a niche segment.

    1. Donald Cleveland

      Also l retired GM was sent to Toyota eng plant all components bubble wrapped come down chute to be picked up and assembled but when l visited Tonawanda eng plant the engine parts come down chute banging into each other with no protection then picked up anf assembled .
      When l showed GM the diff in assembly they were unconcerned .
      Im on my second Tacoma 406,000 on my 1999 271,000 still going on my 2006 ,l sold my chevy with trans problems at 99 k and am waiting for new Ford truck. I have tried them all and Tacaoma by far the best .tires ,brakes, mufflers nothing else period.

    2. Bob

      Where do you get 8 cars??

  5. Materialman

    I guess I got a good one. I bought a new GT Convertible in 1986. I had to put a water pump in it a few years back and a new radiator last year. That’s it! Starts and runs like the day I drove it off the showroom floor!

  6. Chipster

    The title of your article is very misleading. To keep it honest and accurate it should say “5.7% of Consumer Reports members who own a 2019 Mustang have complaints about the Mustang 10-speed transmission.” In other words this CR report and your story are close to meaningless.

  7. Roger Blose

    I have the A10 in my 2018 GT and it is a high performance tranny. With various drive modes, it can be buttery smooth or in sport+ / drag race mode, it is hard shifting just like a manual would be. I had it reflashed at the dealer for some harsh shifting and it works great now. I did not want the Chinese made manual tranny and this 10 speed is actually faster in all testing. And it appears to be very robust based on field and YOUTUBE testing.

  8. Mark L Bedel

    Isn’t this the same transmission that Ford and GM worked on together? I wonder how it’s fairing in the Camaro?

    1. Donald Cleveland

      Yes camaro has trouble with it also

  9. mick1

    Back to sleep, again. Does anybody really believe this nonsense?

  10. Ryan

    Yeah this is pretty shaky, combined too with the fact that there are no issues with that transmission in other applications.

    1. Bob

      False. there are tons of issues showing-up with Ford’s 10 speed including in the F-150.

      The 10 speed was co-developed by GM and Ford, but there are significant differences in both including in the casting itself. That partnership did not end well.

  11. Donald Cleveland

    First 3 cars ford last two tacomas 406 k first one 271k and still going and waiting for new Ford truck manual trans. sold three fords with 135k or less .
    Ever change a v6 mustang water pump good luck

  12. Gary B kempf

    Love reading those people that talk so good about their great vehicles made by other manufacturer. Okay you don’t like Ford or GM but we don’t care! Been driving ford pickups since 1976 and currently have a 2004 f150.

  13. Colin McFadyen

    When in Drive, the transmission tries to deliver the most fuel efficient and smooth experience. Some gears are skipped. In Sport mode, you get all the gears and have full control. The 5L 10 speed is a handful and is not a Camry, Cadillac or Civic.

  14. Rob

    These cars are quarter mile monsters and if you know anything about bracket racing automatic is more consistent than a stick that’s why the transmission is so popular.

  15. Chase

    After owning both a 2018 Eco boost AND a 2019 GT I can accurately say this transmission is like dating a hot chick with a bad personality. On paper versus actual results are completely different. This transmission holds back the performance of both cars in particular the 5.0 liter GT. In “normal mode” it has to be pushed to extract the engine power. And even then the 10 speed can get confused at times also. But I use the word extract literally. So one would presume “sport mode” would improve things. Some, yes. Because the transmission gets locked down to 7 speeds and it shifts more aggressively. But you have to be driving it hard then to gain those benefits. Because even in sport mode it can get confused. And yes, as many consumers have reported, along with missing the right gears switching from drive to reverse can be delayed. That bit me in the 5ss a couple of times when i was trying to make a quick manuver.

    I have owned a BMW 335i, M3, Lexus IS-F, C6 and C5 Corvette, and this is the worst automatic transmission I have ever had the displeasure of using. It truly holds back the GT’s engine performance. Sp I just traded this mess in for a new BMW M440i. An 8 speed transmission that is absolutely in another world compared to the Mustang’s. And now it’s someone else’s problem.

    I read the new 2024 is getting the same transmission. Huge mistake.

  16. Artie DeCecco

    I have a 2021 Mustang with a 10spd. Nothing but junk.Been a drag racer for over 50 years and that transmission is the worst. A retired Ford technician told me they can’t get it fixed right. At one time there was a class action lawsuit from truck owners on them. It cost me an engine at 14,219 miles cause it wouldn’t shift. people are changing them over to 400 chevy transmissions ,which is what I want to do. It’s a nice car but with that transmission it’s just a dust collector in my garage.


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