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2022 Ford Bronco Production Still Impacted By Hard Top Supply Issues

Since its launch last summer, hardtop production has been a major issue for the Ford Bronco. Ford’s molded-in color (MIC) hardtop supplier, Webasto, couldn’t keep up with higher than expected demand early on and was subsequently affected in a major way by the pandemic. Making matters worse, early hardtops had quality issues, prompting FoMoCo to replace those tops and push most unscheduled 2021 Ford Bronco orders to the 2022 model year. However, a rumor has been going around internet forums that hardtop production has finally reached the point where it’s no longer an issue concerning 2022 Ford Bronco production, but as they often do, that rumor turned out to be completely false.

“MIC top is still the number one most constrained commodity from an order perspective,” Bronco brand manager Esteban Plaza-Jennings told Bronco Nation. This is consistent with what Ford has communicated for months now, as the MIC top continues to be an issue. As Ford Authority reported last month, 2022 Ford Bronco order holders can speed up delivery by ditching the MIC top, as well as other supply-constrained features including the Towing Capability package and factory Paint Protection Film.

Ford was very clear from the start that Bronco production would be limited through 2022, and the rugged SUV remains in high demand today as dealer inventory is turning in just seven days. On the bright side, production at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant continues to improve with each passing month. “MAP is ramping up their production right now, so we’re continually building more and more Broncos per month,” Esteban said.

Those with a 2021 Bronco reservation will receive price protection for the new model year, as Ford Authority reported last week, and will also get first dibs on the recently revealed 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor. Additionally, at least one aftermarket company is already working on making its own Bronco hardtop, with more likely to follow.

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  1. Karen Huyck

    My question is I order a two door, 7 manual speed, hard top in Jan 2021, and then had to reorder OCT 2021 WHY? When I call the dealership now they are saying cause I want a tow hitch on the back is the reason for the delay? Can someone at Ford be honest with me? I order the simple model not a deluxe why, why, is it taking so long????? Why has FORD Blown Me OFF???

    1. Kayla

      You were never contacted by Ford Motor Company directly? Did you sign your build agreement when your order was submitted? And put down a $1,000 deposit?

  2. Dav

    My question is I ordered a two door automatic in 3/21 and then I had to re-order a 2022. I have only had contact with the dealer for my order and re order. I don’t see any current articles about this. Just tell me what I need to order so that I can get my Bronco. I thought the base model would be the easiest and fastest way to go. I guess when I order the 3rd time I’ll take off the hardtop and strip away anything else that is causing my delay.

    1. Kayla

      You were never contacted by Ford Motor Company directly? Did you sign your build agreement when your order was submitted? And put down a $1,000 deposit?

  3. Bruce

    My Bronco Journey – Stolen Reservation – No Customer Loyalty & Disrespectful Salesman
    I have purchase vehicles from Holman dating back to 1989. This over 30 year relationship should warrant some customer loyalty and respect but, that means nothing to Holman. When the new Bronco became available, I placed a reservation number with Holman in July of 2020. I was able to spec out the vehicle and signed the order summary in February of 2021. However, due to the quality issues Ford has had with the black-painted hard top roof option (which I ordered) production of the vehicle was delayed. The importance of the reservation number and the February 2021 date is that Ford has offered price protection thru MY 2023 for reservation & order holders as of March 19, 2021, which would allow customers to wait for the desired roof option. In October of 2021 Salesman Scott reached out and said that if I wanted a 2022 Bronco I would need to change the roof option at which point I declined stating I would wait until the black-painted hard top option is available in 2023. I did not state to Scott in any way that I was no-longer interested in purchasing a Bronco or that I wanted to cancel my reservation or order. However, at this point Scott took it upon himself to change the roof option on my order and submit it to the Ford order bank under my name and reservation number for his own inventory benefit. In June of 2022 I received emails from Ford (including the VIN#) indicating that the vehicle (being built under my name) was in production / completed / shipped & delivered to Holman. When I inquired to Scott about the Bronco that was just delivered to Holman (under my order/reservation) he said the Bronco came in and was already sold. Scott followed that by saying that if I wanted a Bronco I would need to come and order it again (which would now exclude me from the price protection offered by Ford based on date of order and my reservation# being consumed). I inquired about the price protection and Scott said there is no guarantee on that and he would not offer any type of price protection. I asked Scott what type of customer service is that? I stated that without the price protection I would go to another Ford dealer. In a very disrespectful tone and manor Scott replied that I would buy (the Bronco) from Holman because any other dealer is going to charge me $5-10K over invoice and that buying from Holman would allow me to purchase the Bronco and turn around and sell it for a profit. Scott reiterated that if I wanted a Bronco I would need to come in and re-order. I have since called The Bronco Support Team at the Ford Corporate Office and they have confirmed that my reservation number was used by Holman for the benefit of their own inventory. As stated above Holman has no customer loyalty.


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