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2022 Ford Edge Lineup Gets Roughly $1K More Expensive On All Trims

After receiving a refresh for the 2021 model year, the 2022 Ford Edge dropped its front-wheel drive configuration and is only available with all-wheel drive, as Ford Authority reported last August. This change also impacted the pricing of the 2022 Ford Edge, which increased roughly $2,000 across the board, as Ford Authority reported back in October. However, 2022 Edge pricing has risen once again, driving prices even higher.

2022 Ford Edge Price Changes
Trim Level 2022 Ford Edge 2021 Ford Edge 2022 +/-
SE $35,395 $34,245 +$1150
SEL $37,695 $36,685 +$1010
ST-Line $41,495 $40,435 +$1060
Titanium $41,495 $40,435 +$1060
ST $44,195 $43,100 +$1095

Prices have increased roughly $1,000 across the board, ranging from an additional $1,010 for SEL-trimmed Edge models to $1,150 for the base SE.  It’s also worth noting that these prices don’t include Ford’s destination and delivery charge, which has also increased by $50, coming in at $1,295 for the new model year.

In addition to these price changes, the 2022 Ford Edge gains the new Black Appearance Package, as well as the SEL Adventure Package, though the latter received a name change to Sport Appearance Package shortly after its launch. Meanwhile, the 2022 Edge has lost its illuminated glovebox, as Ford Authority reported back in August, while the ST dropped its Ford Performance paint color option in favor of Atlas Blue, the SEL lost the SecuriCode Keyless Entry Keypad as standard equipment, and all 2022 Edge models have dropped the previously standard rear parking sensors, too.

Perhaps the biggest Edge news of all, however, is that the crossover will be discontinued following the 2023 model year – as Ford Authority reported earlier this month – as the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant is retooled to produce five new EVs starting in 2025. One of those vehicles may in fact be a direct replacement for the Edge, but as of right now, nothing is certain.

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  1. Donald Hayes

    After seeing the extremely attractive New Ford Mondeo which isn’t coming to the country that built Ford. Now the popular Edge is ending with a price increase. A great way to lose customers like myself. A couple years ago I was looking to purchase a new Ford luxury /performance style sedan like the SHO or Fusion Sport. Since they were discontinued I ended up purchasing a new Chrysler 300C Hemi which hit the luxury and performance mark at a very competitive price. I’ve always been a fan of Ford, but it appears Ford isn’t a fan of it’s s customers in the US. I hope Ford rethinks it’s sedan decision and dropping the Edge unless they have a better replacement for this midsize popular SUV. My wife purchased a new 2017 Edge Sport and it’s been trouble free and has seen several vacation road trips. Ford needs a replacement for the Fusion. They have it in China. Please give it a try here

    1. Alexander

      I completely agree. Ford has lost many customers like you and me. I don’t understand why they are giving up on so many segments like this. They are trying to do the same thing with the Edge that they did with Fusion. Jack up the price, and remove a ton of equipment, so sales will plummet. That way that can justify discontinuing it. There is no reason a vehicle like the Edge that has been around since 2015 should cost more than the new Explorer. As for sedans, I traded my Fusion SE in on a Dodge Charger GT and have zero complaints. Until the executives at Ford can steer the company in the right direction I won’t be back

    2. Tigger

      Why are you complaining? They only raised the price of the Edge about 10 percent over half a model year and decontented it so you have less problems. Not too bad for a soon to be discontinued model.

  2. K McCormack

    Is it possible that Ford could continue to offer the Edge by importing it from China after the 2023 MY?

    1. Tigger

      He’ll no. I’ll boycott any automaker that imports $40k+ vehicles from China our number one enemy. It’s one thing to have to buy Chinese electronics foe a couple of hundred dollars; it is another for a $40k vehicle.


    I don’t really understand why the ST had a price increase. It already had AWD and Ford actually took the glovebox light away as well. As someone already mentioned, the Edge is likely very profitable at this stage in the model run and will soon be history anyway. I never thought Ford vehicles would become too expensive for most of us to own but $50k+ is really up there.

    1. Tigger

      Part of it is inflation, but most of it is because Fird knows people are desperate for new vehicles and can gouge them. The thing is this will bite them in the butt when production increases after this chip crises and they will find themselves putting $5,000 on the hood to move them.

  4. Michael

    How do you think Ford is paying for it’s R&D and production capacity for EVs, by over charging you for their ICE vehicles, so eventually they can over charge you for an EV vehicle, from government mandates.

  5. Chris Blanchard

    Expressed another way, the SEL has price increase of only 2.68%. Inflation is expected to be around twice that in 2022.

  6. NCEcoBoost

    Very simple. Ford has lost its mind. Period. End of discussion.


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