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2022 Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator Production Has Begun

The refreshed 2022 Lincoln Navigator was revealed back in August, followed by its Ford T3 Platform mate, the 2022 Ford Expedition this past September. At that time, FoMoCo said that both models would launch in Q1 of 2022, and now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that production of the 2022 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator began today at the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant.

The 2022 Navigator has been updated with a refreshed front-end design featuring an updated signature grille flanked by standard adaptive pixel projector headlights, as well as new 3D taillights in the rear. Inside the cabin, the 2022 Navigator features a new and larger 13.2-inch infotainment screen with SYNC 4, as well as a 12-inch digital gauge cluster, a 5.8-inch digital module for second-row passengers with climate and audio controls, a new head-up display, and new interior themes to choose from.

Meanwhile, the 2022 Ford Expedition features similar updates including new standard LED headlights, taillights, and wheel choices on the outside, as well as a standard 12-inch infotainment screen running SYNC 4 or an optional 15.5-inch display with SYNC 4A, as well as an available 12.4-inch digital gauge cluster on the inside. A pair of Expedition variants are set to debut for the 2022 model year as well – the off-road-focused Expedition Timberline, and the street-focused Expedition Stealth Performance Package, which features Black Ovals, as Ford Authority previously reported.

As Ford Authority has reported over the last few months, the Expedition Timberline is only available in standard configuration – not the longer-wheelbase Max variant – while the new model has already received a price increase over its original MSRP ahead of the rugged SUV’s launch.

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  1. CyJanko

    Great. Is Ford ever going to get the 2022 Expedition Build & Price feature working on Do they actually want to sell any trucks or is it some kind of insider secret?

    1. Josh Dentel

      I have been wondering this same thing for months

      1. Kayla

        For some reason “” doesn’t allow you to build and price, buuuut if you go on a specific Ford dealers website you can!! For instance (where I am from) you absolutely can build a 22 Ford Expedition with pricing😁 just try your local Ford dealers website instead of itself!

        1. Jeff

          Thank for the heads up!

        2. Courtney

          Thank you so much for the tip on going to the dealer’s website to build and price. I went to my dealer’s website and it asks me to fill out a form before starting a build. Was this the same for you? I wasn’t sure if it contacts the dealership first, or if it opens the build process to check prices and options. Right now I really am curious about the changes to some of the packages and how it impacts final costs.

  2. txgeorgiapeach

    It’s about time the new Navs started to be built. I ordered mine the day ordering opened. I was expecting it come next month. Then start date was 2/21, and yesterday I was told it was moved to 3/7 and would be done 3-4 weeks afterwards. It needs to hurry up! I had to cancel Lincoln Play because they couldn’t get the parts and no ETA on receiving them.

    1. Richard

      I ordered my 2022 Navigator on November 22nd I was told it should arrive sometime in March, lol. What was the date you ordered your Nav?

  3. christopher peck

    I ordered the 2022 Stealth Max back in November, dealer has no idea when it will arrive. Anyone have any idea?

    1. christopher peck

      Funny, the dealer just called me, said mine is scheduled to be built and he will know next week on delivery date, well see.

  4. taxiMOMagain

    I ordered my 2022 Navigator L on 1/15, was told it would take at least 12 weeks. Maybe more, but who knows! Ford Authority please keep us posted!

  5. Carlos Reyes

    I placed my order with my Lincoln Dealer in Queens, NY on November 10, 2021 for a Reserve Model fully loaded except for the two screens behind rear seats ( don’t need them ) for a total price of $97K. My salesman checked the order today and it still says , ” In Order Processing”,
    with no start date yet ” Unscheduled Clean ” so it is nothing but a waiting period. I am currently driving a 2020 Aviator Reserve fully loaded which I will be trading it for the new 2022 Navigator. It is now just a waiting period ! It will be here soon!

  6. ZG

    Ford has made ordering 2022’s such a pain! We wanted to wait for the 2022 for the screen and brighter LED headlights. We were set on ordering a loaded up XLT Max with the black 20’s. But… Ford decided to not let you order the black 20’s with the Special Edition / Texas Package. So I decided to look at the 301A Limited Max bc it was only ~$1500 more, but you’d get LED taillights, B&O stereo amongst other things. But for another $1700, you can get the 302A package which comes with some nice 22’s (not black, but nice looking) and the auto running boards. All good… EXCEPT!!! You can’t get the black interior on 301A/302A anymore. Its now Sandstone or Mahogany ONLY. Back to the drawing board. I ended up ordering the Stealth 303A package. My wife will now get the black wheels she wanted (22″), black interior, and all kinds of other things, but boy will I have to pay a lot extra!

    Add to it that you STILL can’t build on Ford’s site and WTF Ford?!?!? Oh, and apparently I’ve like #40/300 on the Lightning list despite reserving within the first 2 hours or so. So, its doubtful I’ll get one in 2022. I know there are issues all across the industry, but Ford is really giving itself black eyes in areas that should be easily avoidable!

  7. SamStevens

    Hey Brett – if Expedition production started mid-January, when do the first units roll off the line?

    I was told in early January my unit would be available by January 28. Now it doesn’t even have a TBD.

    Are special orders or dealer inventory vehicles coming off first?

    Sooooo many questions. 🙂 Thanks for your work, man.

  8. david tubbs

    if you cant build the veh. why are you taking orders the 2023 will be out befor you build the 2022

  9. Charles payne

    I just took delivery on a 2022 navigator the window sticker says 22inch bra painted pockets like pictured in Lincoln brochure. They are all silver and the dealer has no clue. Did u run out of those wheel ? Dealer David McDavid Frisco tx. My name charles payne


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