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2022 Ford Expedition Lineup Gets Price Increases On All Trims

The refreshed 2022 Ford Expedition was revealed this past September, and the full-size SUV entered production at the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant just last week, as Ford Authority recently reported. However, even though the first deliveries haven’t taken place yet, the 2022 Ford Expedition Timberline received a price increase back in November, and now the rest of the lineup is following suit.

2022 Ford Expedition Price Changes
Trim Level 2022 Ford Expedition 2021 Ford Expedition 2022 +/-
XL $50,110 $49,625 +$485
XL Max $53,110 $52,625 +$485
XLT $55,140 $53,410 +$1730
XLT Max $57,140 $55,410 +$1730
Limited $64,295 $62,175 +$2120
Limited Max $66,295 $64,175 +$2120
King Ranch $74,815 $73,335 +$2120
King Ranch Max $76,815 $75,335 +$1480
Platinum $76,765 $74,375 +$2390
Platinum Max $78,765 $76,375 +$2390
XL $53,160 $52,675 +$485
XL Max $56,160 $55,675 +$485
XLT $58,190 $56,460 +$1730
XLT Max $60,190 $58,460 +$1730
Timberline $68,150 N/A N/A
Limited $67,345 $65,225 +$2120
Limited Max $69,345 $67,225 +$2120
King Ranch $77,865 $76,385 +$1480
King Ranch Max $79,865 $78,385 +$1480
Platinum $79,815 $77,425 +$2390
Platinum Max $81,815 $79,425 +$2390
Destination and Delivery $1,695 $1,695 $0

Aside from the Timberline, every trim and model in the 2022 Expedition lineup has received some sort of price increase. That ranges from $485 for the rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive XL and XL Max up to $2,390 for the rear- and all-wheel drive Platinum and Platinum Max. Destination and delivery charges remain unchanged, however, at $1,695.

The 2022 Expedition ushers in a number of updates for the SUV’s mid-cycle refresh, including new standard LED headlights, taillights, and wheel choices on the outside, a standard 12-inch infotainment screen running SYNC 4 or an optional 15.5-inch display with SYNC 4A, as well as an available 12.4-inch digital gauge cluster on the inside. A pair of Expedition variants are set to debut for the 2022 model year as well – the off-road-focused Expedition Timberline, and the street-focused Expedition Stealth Performance Package, which features Black Ovals, as Ford Authority previously reported.

As Ford Authority has reported over the last few months, the Expedition Timberline is only available in standard configuration – not the longer-wheelbase Max variant. Additionally, Ford Authority spies have spotted a number of 2022 Expedition models out driving around in recent months, including an XL Max, XLT Texas EditionXLT Max, Platinum Max, and a King Ranch Max.

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  1. Ed Newman

    Ouch, not a happy camper that the one I have on order just went up $2000

  2. Chris Placido

    Price increases due to demand is what the dealers are gonna say.

  3. MalibuRam

    Stealerships are loving this 🤬🤬

  4. Paul B Williams

    Waiting for 2022 and it’s going to be a year old by the time it actually hits the floor. Also not offering the timberline max not a smart move. GMC offers the offroad package for its longer suv.

  5. Kelser

    When can I preorder the Ford Timberline? We’re ready to buy now.

  6. krlecraft71

    I ordered the stealth edition expedition 12/6 I was sent an email 1 weeks ago on 2/1 that the build would begin the week of 2/14 but yesterday I received a revised email changing the date the build would start now it’s 2/21/22 how many more times will this happen it’s my 1st time doing a special order!


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