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2022 Ford Explorer Lineup Gets More Expensive On All Trims

The 2022 Ford Explorer was revealed back in August with a few notable changes, including the fact that the Explorer ST will be offered with standard rear-wheel drive, which Ford Authority was the first to report. As Ford Authority reported back in November, those changes brought about a price increase across all 2022 Ford Explorer trims, however, prices have increased yet again.

2022 Ford Explorer Price Changes
Trim Level 2022 Ford Explorer 2021 Ford Explorer 2022 +/-
Base $33,245 $32,925 +$320
XLT $36,145 $35,075 +$1070
ST-Line* $44,745 - -
Limited $45,495 $45,255 +$240
Limited Hybrid $50,280 $50,105 +$175
ST** $47,245 - -
King Ranch $53,610 $52,600 +$1010
Platinum Hybrid*** $52,115 - -
Platinum $53,740 $52,730 +$1010
Base $35,245 $34,925 +$320
XLT $38,145 $37,075 +$1070
ST-Line* $46,745 - -
Timberline $46,245 $46,015 +$230
Limited $47,495 $47,255 +$240
Limited Hybrid $52,280 $52,105 +$175
ST $49,245 $49,000 +$245
King Ranch $55,610 $54,600 +$1010
Platinum Hybrid $54,115 $53,335 +$780
Platinum $55,740 $54,730 +$1010
* applies to the ST-Line
** applies to the RWD ST
*** applies to the RWD Platinum Hybrid

The ST-Line, RWD ST, and RWD Platinum Hybrid are all new for the 2022 model year, which is why those models do not show a price increase on the chart above. Also, even though prices increased more than once for the 2022 model year, the chart reflects changes from the 2021 to the 2022 model year. Regardless, every other trim has received some sort of price bump, ranging from $175 for the Limited Hybrid to $1,010 for 2022 Ford Explorer King Ranch models. These prices also do not reflect Ford’s destination and delivery charge, which is unchanged at $1,245.

In addition to these price increases, the 2022 Explorer will undergo a few other changes for the coming model year, as Ford Authority has outlined over the last few months. This includes auto stop-start becoming an option on Base, XLT, Timberline, and Limited trims for 2022, while paddle shifters will be limited to the Timberline and ST exclusively. Additionally, the second-row center floor console has been dropped for all trims.

Meanwhile, the Explorer ST will also be joined by the new Explorer ST-Line for 2022, which features the looks of the regular ST without the added horsepower and torque, while Ford is also upgrading the 2022 Explorer King Ranch and Platinum trims by giving both the same 400 horsepower tune as the ST. Despite all of these changes, the 2022 Explorer recently landed on Consumer Reports10 Least Reliable SUVs list due to issues with previous model year examples.

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  1. Rodney Martz

    This is one of the worst Explorers I have owned!!!! I just traded a 2019 Platinum to 2022 King Ranch . SOOOOOO many things don’t work! and the quality is just awful. The rear captains seats look like they took 2 beach chairs and placed them in the back with no center console And the rear has 3 pieces of foam loose covers to cover up a large hole, what a joke. No front camera washer,no lighted sill plate,no card holder on visor, no car manual pouch. I have a list of 6 things waiting for parts to be repaired on this $60K car. My 2019 platinum $56K was a much better car! Oh by the way if I have a 1/2 tank of gas I can hear the fuel sloshing in the tank! And the rear fold down switches are placed to the right side,at night the light blinds you to find the switch FORD SHAME ON YOU!!!!

    1. Bb

      So why did you buy it?

      1. Rodney Martz

        I ordered this car in September never drove a new 2022, none on the lot.I loved my 2019 had no problems, I have 325 mi on this one with the list of problems ,never thinking this would be worse for $3000 more. This is my 9th Explorer.

  2. Montana Man

    oKKKay, thx.

  3. Rick N.

    I recently traded a 2017 Explorer Platinum for the 2022 model. The additional HP, improved transmission and reduced weight greatly enhance the driving experience. This is my third Explorer, previously owning a 2014 Limited and the aforementioned 2017. Driving each to 65000+ miles with no issues!

    1. Rodney Martz

      Your lucky,I have 325 mi with this king ranch.My 2019 had no problems


    The new models of virtually every vehicle manufacturer are overpriced more defect prone than ever before, so Fords cannot be expected to be any better. The shame of it is that those individuals who work on the assembly lines building them are only receiving a infinitesimal amount of the money being paid for these vehicles that are full of government mandated nanny features, while those in the top echelon of the respective corporations are receiving the largest proportion of the significant costs of a current vehicle !!!


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