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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Will Come With One Year No-Sale Provision

When the second-generation Ford GT was released a few years ago, it came with a big asterisk for buyers – they weren’t allowed to sell the car for two years. This was the very first time Ford had imposed such a restriction, and it was serious about it. In fact, more than one person tried to circumvent the requirement and sell their cars early, including professional wrestler/actor John Cena, who wound up getting sued by The Blue Oval and eventually settled the case out of court. Now, it appears that the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning will also come with the same sort of no-sale provision, albeit for one year, according to a dealer memo seen by Ford Authority.

“In order to prevent the resale of 22MY F-150 Lightning, Ford is offering support for a no-sale provision to be signed by the customer at the time of purchase,” the memo reads. “Dealers may add this language to existing closing forms or create a new standalone document.”

“Purchaser hereby agrees that it will not sell, offer to sell, or otherwise transfer any ownership interest in the vehicle prior to the first anniversary of the date hereof,” the provision reads. “Purchaser further agrees that seller may seek injunctive relief to prevent the transfer of the title of the vehicle or demand payment from purchaser of all value received as consideration for the sale or transfer.”

As the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning will be produced in much larger quantities than the Ford GT, this provision will affect far more people. However, as Ford Authority reported earlier today, the automaker recently expressed its concerns over the way dealers are handling markups and forcing customers to put down additional deposits or payments to order an F-150 Lightning. Furthermore, not all of the 200,000 or so reservation holders will be able to order a 2022 model, due to production constraints, which will undoubtedly entice a number of those that are lucky enough to take delivery of a 2022 F-150 Lightning to flip it for a profit.

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  1. R D Mercer

    How is this even legal… piss off Ford !

  2. mike s

    You know they had to put in the article that they are looking into the dealerships gouging so they could justify not allowing their customers to do the same thing, make a hugh profit. I want a Maverick but more and more, Ford is causing me to reconsider. This action to prohibit a sale of a vehicle they no longer own is not right. I would never sign that paper even if I planned to keep said vehicle, forever. Ford is an automaker, not the supreme court. Next, lumber companies will prohibit you from selling the house you build with it! Ford can go to hell.

  3. David W Mitchell

    I think it’s a great idea but not sure if it’s enforceable as people have sold their Ford GT’s which have a similar arrangement.

  4. FA

    The no-sale provision will be something a dealer MAY add, they won’t all come with it. The headlines seems misleading to me.

    1. mike s.

      FA, please explain to me why ANY dealership would add that to the contract?

  5. BoredWritning

    The dealer has 2 options: insert the agreement language in their documents or use the agreement as a stand alone page for the customer to sign. Either way, the customer must sign to complete the purchase. It sounds like duress to me. Sign or your reserved vehicle goes to someone else who will!

    1. Dave S

      You mean sell it to someone that isnt trying to flip it or resell it for a profit because of the short supply ? To someone that actually has no problem signing because they actually want the truck ?

  6. Greg

    I forgot I have to work with a dealership to get my truck. I would HAPPILY order online through some kind of FORD direct site. Rather than have to deal with anyone at a dealership.

  7. Michael

    You have to know that by Ford stopping you from selling your Lightning before 1 year, they are stopping the dealers from selling a lightning, buying it back and then resell it used, for 10, 20, 30 thousand dollars over MSRP, to get around selling them new over MSRP.

  8. Dave Mathers

    Ford anticipated maybe 20,000 orders but now have 200,000. That’s got to say something about the truck.


    The stupidity of ford rages on!!I will never buy an electric car or truck anyways.

    1. Peter

      Never is a stupid thing to say. I’m sure everyone knows that as soon as electric vehicles become more useful(range) the gov. will increase the tax on petrol. To the point where people will buy electric. The gov. will then increase the tax on electricity to.

  10. 4drhtrd

    We have had a big Bronco on ‘reserve / order’ for well over a year. This will be my last Ford for the foreseeable future. First they can’t deliver a vehicle for this amount of time, and now they want to tell me what I can or can’t do with it after purchase? Dream on Ford…you need to take a serious look in the mirror next time you get the chance. Provide a product and SELL it. Deal is done and move on. This is ridiculous.

  11. Richard

    It is the flippers who are gouging customers. They are buying up all the Mavericks at MSRP and then flipping them for $5000 or more to people who cannot get one. The same thing will happen to the Lightning, accept the flip will be at least $20000 higher.

  12. William Freeman

    They should also have an agreement that dealerships can’t sell the truck over the manufacturers sticker price

  13. Troy

    It seems most people are missing the point. Yes, at face value, it’s ridiculous that a company thinks it can tell you what you can do with something after you’ve purchased it

    BUT the sole reason they are doing it is to keep scumbags from buying them and then reselling them for $10-$20k higher

    I wish this article emphasized that more

    1. Richard

      I totally agree with Ford

  14. Joe

    Have had order in for Maverick since October 2021. I was told by one Ford Dealership that my order will been on hold because I have optional bedliner and sliding rear window options that are keeping it from being built. How can I find out if this true?

  15. Doyle

    This is total BS. I am trying to purchase a truck that I have never seen or driven. What if I really hate this truck. I AM GOING TO SELL IT.


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