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2022 Ford Maverick XLT Up For Auction Amid Supply Constraint

The 2022 Ford Maverick has unsurprisingly proven to be a massive hit with consumers, thanks mostly to its low price tag and excellent fuel economy. As a result, the Maverick Hybrid sold out months ago, and as Ford Authority reported yesterday, virtually all 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 models are spoken for in the 2022 model year as well as Ford has reached a backlog so large that it wants to ensure it can fulfill all of its existing orders. Thus, it was inevitable that some 2022 Ford Maverick owners would want to capitalize on this situation by auctioning off their pickups, and that’s precisely what’s happening over at Cars & Bids.

This particular 2022 Ford Maverick is a 2.0L EcoBoost model finished in XLT trim with 2,100 miles on the clock. It’s a nicely equipped model with Equipment Group 300A, the FX4 Off-Road Package, 4K Tow Package, XLT Luxury Package, Ford Co-Pilot 360, floor liners, a sliding rear window, 17-inch wheels, and a bed mat, which equates to $8,960 in options added to the base price of $22,280 for an MSRP of $32,735 including destination and delivery.

At this point, it seems that the seller is well on their way to making a profit, however, as this truck has already been bid up to $28,000 with 6 days left in the auction. This isn’t terribly surprising, given the results we’ve seen from numerous Ford Bronco models that have hit the auction block in recent months, but this is the first time we’ve seen a Maverick in a position to make a big profit.

Regardless, with the entire 2022 model year essentially sold out and dealer inventory turning in just four days, it certainly isn’t surprising to see at least one hit the auction block, and we wouldn’t be shocked to see several more follow suit in the coming weeks and months.

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  1. Ranchero

    So the Maverick is not really a low priced truck since dealers are adding on anywhere from $3000 to $15000 and then auctioning which means you lose warranty and dealer support. Ford has definitely dropped the ball on this one. Looked forward to getting a Maverick but not under these soap opera conditions.

  2. Mark Wynn

    A significant number of people long for return of their “compact truck” — the original-sized compact trucks from Ford, Chevy, Toyota and Nissan. I have a 2000 Nissan Frontier SL 6 cyl king cap 4×4 in great shape as it’s always been garaged and well-maintained, even though it has 179,000 miles. Guys come up to me in parking lots and want to buy my compact truck. I fully intended to buy a mid-sized “something” truck last spring, but of course the new car lots are all used car lots now. I now plan to drive the compact Frontier until the wheels fall off ….

  3. Jeffrey D. Sproul

    Good decision you might be lucky to find any comparable truck. I had my Maverick hybrids production date moved from the week of Feb 14 to the week of March 14. I have a feeling that Ford will not produce my truck and make me reorder for the 2023 model in August. I paid $500 down on July 25. I might just get on the waiting list for the 2023 Maverick and get on a waiting list for the 2023 Santa Cruz and whichever comes in first I will take.

    1. 74 Maverick

      It will come, I ordered my Lariat first edition in June and it was just built last week. The reason ford isn’t accepting any more orders is because they want to finish the existing orders like yours. I think you will be driving yours in April.

  4. Michael Maupin

    I ordered my XLT on Sept 10, 21.
    Any idea on scheduling?


    I didn’t realize was going to be that long of a wait…so in reading this, by the time my order hits the new 2023 ones will be coming out. I ordered 11/15/2021. Let’s see how much patience I have haha


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