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2023 Ford Everest Once Again Spotted Testing Stateside Ahead Of Reveal

Following the reveal of the all-new next-generation international market Ford Ranger last November, we’ve been patiently awaiting the unveiling of the mid-size pickup’s Ford T6 platform-mate, the next-gen, 2023 Ford Everest. Ford teased the new Everest wearing very little camo recently, while Ford Authority spies spotted a left-hand drive Everest driving around Dearborn this past summer. Ford announced that the next-gen Everest was undergoing its final testing phase last month and showed off the SUV wearing some interesting camo, and now, Ford Authority spies have spotted an Everest prototype once again testing stateside.

As was the case with a Ford Ranger Raptor prototype spied just yesterday, this 2023 Ford Everest prototype is wearing camo that spells out “Everest,” making it quite clear what we’re looking at. The SUV features styling that’s nearly identical to that of the next-generation Ranger, with a front-end design that takes inspiration from the Ford F-150 and Ford Maverick.

Those elements include reverse C-shaped headlights framing a twin-bar grille that’s surrounded by an oval-shaped opening with three-dimensional staggered “lines” inside of it. A smaller secondary grille resides beneath that and is flanked by a pair of fog lights. Two tow hooks protrude from the bottom of the front end, too.

Moving down the side, we can see lights present on the bottom portion of the side mirrors – a feature also noted on yesterday’s Ranger Raptor prototype – as well as fixed running boards that aid ingress and egress.

Out back, this high-riding SUV features clear lenses on its taillights, as well as a trailer hitch and mud flaps. On the inside, the next-gen Everest will feature a large infotainment screen, as Ford Authority previously reported.

The Ford Everest, also known as the Endeavor in the Indian market, is a mid-size, body-on-frame SUV that’s been in production since 2003 and was mainly developed for Asian markets, though it’s also sold in a number of other places including the Middle East, Australia, and Central America. The first-generation model remained in production until the 2015 model year when the second-gen Everest launched. It last received a facelift for the 2018 model year.

The current Everest is known for its off-road capability and up to seven-seat configuration. It’s unclear if Ford plans on bringing the next-gen Everest to North America, but the SUV is a practical, conventional-looking off-roader, so perhaps there is room for it in FoMoCo’s growing SUV and crossover lineup. Regardless, the next-gen, 2023 Ford Everest will be produced alongside the Ranger for international markets at the Ford Thailand Manufacturing and the joint-venture AutoAlliance Thailand following a $900 million dollar investment.

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  1. Andrew Sommers

    They need a body on frame SUV. The Explorer used to do the job but since 2011 hasn’t been up to par in my book!!

    1. JohnTaurus

      Well, they have Bronco and Expedition, to be fair. Both BOF SUVs.

  2. Chris

    Canceling the Edge would seem to leave a spot in the lineup for this to slide into…

    1. JohnTaurus

      It is a far different animal than the Edge, its body on frame, has 3 rows and would not win over Edge customers with its driving dynamics, undoubtedly (lol). The Edge is a comfortable yet sporty midsize with 5 seats, not 7. Its car like and gets decent mileage. A slightly reworked Explorer (shorter with no third row) would be a better direct Edge replacement.

      That’s not to say that I don’t want this coming here, because I do, but it is a square peg that wouldn’t fit the Edge’s proverbial round hole.

  3. JohnTaurus

    I have said it before, I’ll say it again: Bring it here as Expedition Sport. I believe it will more than justify the effort. I get the concern over eating into Explorer, but I believe there’s room for both.

    It would be a more family-friendly, off-road-friendly alternative to Bronco,
    as well as Wrangler and 4Runner for people who need (or more likely have a spouse/s.o. that insists upon) a 3rd row.
    The Explorer Timberline is not a suitable bridge.

    Having a third row and less capability will separate it from Bronco., yet having more capability, being less efficient and presumably more expensive will separate it from Explorer.

  4. Chuck P

    I wish you would give the “ SPECS” on the 23 Everest. I would like to know all the details.

  5. Karl H.

    Hey Ford,please bring this lovely capable body on frame SUV to North America now that the Edge is no longer in the line up! Toyota sells the 4Runner alongside the similar size Highlander to much sales and fanfare. I would buy this over the current Explorer. The Bronco is great but a midsize body on frame 3 row SUV would be stroke of genius.


    I love my 2016 Edge and the Everest does not interest me one bit. The Explorer is more compatible.

  7. mick1

    Ho hum. I’m going back to sleep. You all should too.

  8. Chris Blanchard

    Dichotomy: North America is not the only LHD market Ford sells in. Oakville Assembly needs a product beyond 2023.

    1. Roger Sunderland

      With this being based on the T6 platform I doubt there is enough capacity at Michigan Assembly for the Ranger, Bronco and this so Oakville might make some sense.

      I’m also not convinced that we (NA) will actually get the Ranger Raptor either since Ford has not said that yet and, as you mentioned, this not their only LHD market.

  9. Les

    What engines will be offered.Will TPI be added to gdi across the board due to intake coking problem?Gdi problems are keeping me from replacing my 2005 Escape and 2003 Explorer.

  10. Joe

    It’s a very nice looking vehicle, similar in style to the Jeep Grand Cherokee L. It would be useful to me as a smaller version of the expedition if it could tow a two horse trailer( 6800lbs, tongue weight of 750, pre installed brake controller and an adjustable leveling system).

    1. Joe

      Now that I’ve read more on this unit…being on the ranger chassis, it looks like it potentially could have all the requirements I’m looking for! I hope I comes to the us soon!

  11. N

    They should leave this vehicle where it is at. Give the Edge a remodel, and leave it and the Explorer alone. We don’t need this vehicle here. If anything give us the new Fusion that China is getting!


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