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2024 Ford Mustang GT Prototype Spied For The First Time

Ford Authority spies spotted the very first 2024 Ford Mustang prototype driving around last week sporting some very interesting features, albeit a ton of camouflage. Regardless, this was our very first look at the next-generation S650 Mustang, which was previously expected to launch for the 2023 model year. Now, Ford Authority spies have spotted a 2024 Ford Mustang GT prototype for the very first time, giving us our first look at the more muscular variant of the brand new pony car.

As was the case with the previously spotted model, this 2024 Ford Mustang GT prototype is heavily clad in camo but displays an overall shape and aesthetic that is very similar to the current-gen S550 Mustang, which aligns with reports that the S650 is not expected to undergo significant changes compared to the S550. Regardless, the seventh-generation pony car will usher in a host of exterior, interior, and drivetrain updates.

Up front, a set of very slim headlights are visible, as was the case with the previous prototype, along with a large oval shaped front grille. There appears to be a smaller oval-shaped grille beneath it, and this prototype also sports the same strange-looking raised, sharp hood line as the last prototype in the center or crest at its highest point. There’s also a small protrusion showing beneath the camo just ahead of the front wheels, which could possibly indicate that this model has fender vents that weren’t present on the prior prototype.

The side profile is undeniably Mustang, featuring a very long hood and dash-to-axle ratio, coupled with a short decklid and cab-rearward proportions. The raised hood line and large “hump” present in the rear of the roofline are visible here, though the latter feature is likely padding added by engineers to disguise the actual design of the vehicle. This prototype also rides on a set of ten-spoke wheels similar to what’s available on the current-gen Mustang GT, which are reportedly wrapped in 255/40ZR19 Pirelli P Zero Nero all-season tires for winter testing purposes.

The rear end features a substantial amount of heavy camo, though the taillights look quite a bit different than the ones present on the S550. We can see what appears to be a series of “dots” in place of the three vertically-oriented bars on the current Mustang. However, it’s possible that the taillights seen here are placeholders for the actual units that will be used on the production model, which may not have been ready in time to use on this prototype. This particular tester is not only running with EPA compatible evaluation exhaust equipment but also boasts rocker panel extensions and other aero extensions behind the rear wheels as well.

From the rear, we get a better look at the strange hump covering the rear portion of the roof and rear glass, as well as dual exhaust tips integrated into the bottom of the lower fascia.

As Ford Authority has reported over the last several months, the next-generation Mustang will introduce a series of changes to the long-running model, including a new exterior and interior, plus at least one hybrid powertrain, which was previously rumored to launch in 2025. As Ford Authority reported back in October, not just one, but two hybrid options could possibly be in the works in the form of electrified versions of Ford’s 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 and 5.0L Coyote V8.

No other major powertrain changes are expected for the next-gen Mustang, and as Ford Authority reported last May, the V8 engine won’t be going away any time soon, either. However, it should also come as no surprise that an all-electric Mustang – aside from the existing Ford Mustang Mach-E – is expected at some point in the future – perhaps as soon as 2028 for the 2029 model year, as prior rumors have suggested.

The S650 Mustang will continue to be built at the Ford Flat Rock Assembly Plant and will have an eight-year life cycle, as Ford Authority reported last August. This lifespan would have matched that of the current S550 generation had it not been extended for the 2023 model year, therefore giving the S550 a nine-year lifespan.

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  1. Francois

    We’re learning NOTHING. How many times I am going to see those lame pictures that reveal zero?

    All the ” new features” such as the tail lights, hump on the roof, etc, are about 99% likely to be part of the disguise.

    Enough already.

    1. Alex Luft

      Hey, no one is forcing you to read.

      1. Eric Barneby

        Hahahaha Best reply ever.

        I appreciate Alex’s no nonsense approach to these trolls.

  2. Sue Newton

    Why is the pony emblem on the side of the front grill in some Mustang models ? Looks stupid !


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