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Custom Ford Bronco Hardtop Lift Makes Solo Removal A Breeze: Video

As many 2021 Ford Bronco reservation holders are already aware, certain options have been rather hard to come by, but none has proven more elusive than the molded-in color hardtop. Ford’s hardtop supplier, Webasto, has had some well-documented issues producing enough tops to satisfy demand, and a quality issue months ago made things even worse. Regardless, those lucky enough to have taken delivery of a Bronco with a hardtop have likely already discovered that while easy to remove, the rear section is pretty heavy – 68.12 pounds, to be exact. Luckily, there are solutions for that, including this cool custom Ford Bronco hardtop lift.

The person that made this Ford Bronco hardtop lift (and the video showing it off) unfortunately didn’t reveal how they made it, what supplies were required, or how much it cost. Regardless, it’s a pretty cool piece that works like a charm. The whole thing rolls into the rear cargo area of the SUV, at which point the owner simply turns a crank connected to a strap. The strap lifts a portion of the device upward, which in turn lifts the top off the Bronco using cut pool noodles to avoid damaging anything.

From there, he simply rolls the lift backward with the top resting on it, and voila – topless Bronco. This sort of thing seems like the perfect solution for anyone who might have trouble lifting nearly 70 pounds overhead, or for folks that simply don’t have another person handy to help them lift the large and bulky rear portion of the hardtop when the sun is out on a nice day.

It’s worth noting that there is at least one aftermarket solution just like this homemade lift that’s available to purchase today, but it costs a pretty significant $1,000. We imagine that the person who built this custom lift did so at a significantly lower cost, and they probably won’t be the last person to do so, either.

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  1. Jaded

    I’ll give an “A” for ingenuity and effort but sometimes the solution is worse than the problem.


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