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Ford Blue Oval City Subcontractors, Details Revealed

Ford Blue Oval City was originally announced back in September as a new, sprawling complex set to be built in Stanton, Tennessee. There, the automaker will produce electric vehicles, including a next-generation electric Ford F-Series model, which will ride on its own dedicated platform, as well as batteries, while also housing suppliers and creating around 6,000 much-needed new jobs. After receiving approval for an incentive package from the state, FoMoCo is searching for suppliers, while Ford Blue Oval City is already on the map – quite literally. Now, the automaker has announced that Walbridge will be the lead contractor for its new complex, according to Automotive News reporter Michael Martinez.

The announcement comes as Ford is hosting a subcontractor event at the Memphis Convention Center today, where hundreds of small business owners are meeting with the automaker as it seeks to hire the crews necessary for Blue Oval City’s groundbreaking later this year, according to ABC 24 News. Ford estimates that it will need around 30,000 temporary construction workers for its 4,100-acre site outside Memphis.

“Local businesses having the opportunity for this is a game-changer,” said Alandas Dobbins, CEO of Oteka Technologies, which specializes in wiring computers and security cameras. “Ford has the opportunity to change the landscape in Memphis. This opportunity is so huge. To be able to meet those people tomorrow and have that shot, that’s all we are asking for – that opportunity, that shot.”

“Everything from electricians to carpenters to steelworkers, ironworkers, sheet metal – it’s really all-encompassing,” said Ford North America EV Footprint Director Greg Christensen. “We are excited about their skills and their ability to deliver the project. That’s paramount, but understanding and serving some of those communities that are often overlooked is important to us.”

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  1. vinny trotta

    How about building a complex to make your own chips instead of relying on Communist China !!!??? Dodge, Ford, and GM could all kick in and help build it and chips could be mde for all three car manufacturers. Is that so tough ?

    1. Tigger


    2. Targasian

      TSMC is in Taiwan, Not communist China.

  2. Tyrone

    As someone who has worked at Ford for 21 years and is now in the chip industry, Ford building their own chips would not be beneficial. Ford does not consume enough chips on their own to support a full plant, and the process has exactly 0 similarity to any Ford processes. However, its time for the Great lakes region to leverage their water supply advantage and establish a base in building these chips.

  3. calvin johnson

    that would be great lets do this blue pearl pressure washing


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