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Ford Bronco Demand Still Red Hot, Taking Just Seven Days To Turn

A number of new Blue Oval models qualify as hot sellers, including the 2022 Ford Maverick, which was turning on dealer lots in just four days in the month of December. The 2021 Ford Bronco has also been in high demand and low supply, mostly due to supply chain issues and hardtop production woes. The reborn SUV quickly became one of the fastest-selling new vehicles on the market last year, prompting many buyers to pay cash for one even as dealer markups reached insanely high levels. Now, in its latest sales report, FoMoCo has revealed that the Ford Bronco turned in just seven days on dealer lots last month – a number that applies to vehicles sitting on the lot, not customer orders.

Ford Bronco production and in-transit inventory have steadily improved over the last few months after a rough start. In-transit Bronco inventory increased 23 percent in November over October, then grew another 14.4 percent in December as Ford sold a total of 9,168 units last month versus 7,364 units in October and 8,287 units in November.

Meanwhile, 2022 Ford Bronco production is already underway at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant, as Ford Authority recently reported. Those that want to take delivery of a 2022 Bronco sooner can do so by ditching options such as the Towing Capability package, paint protection film, and the molded-in color hardtop.

The 2022 Bronco brings about a handful of changes for the off-road-focused SUV, including the addition of the Ford Bronco Raptor, Bronco Everglades, and Bronco Heritage, as well as two new exterior colors, a “Capable” front bumper, a roof rack option for four-door Sasquatch models, dealer-installed tube doors, and the ability to pair the Sasquatch Package with Ford’s seven-speed manual transmission. Pricing for all Bronco models and some options also increased for the 2022 model year, as Ford Authority recently reported.

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  1. Steve

    That’s great. I put my order in on Oct. 2020. Where’s mine?

    1. Ryan

      That has nothing to do with dealer turn time

    2. John

      Placed an order in October 2020? The order banks did not open until late January 2021. Maybe you reserved your Bronco in Oct 2020 and at that point you were in the back of a very long line.

  2. Hunter Knuth

    A dealership in Harrisburg,Pa is charging 98,000 for a 2 door first edition when the sticker price it 60 and change. How’s that for dealer markup

    1. Giuseppe Fondati

      A Stealership in Smithtown NY had a couple of first editions MSRP $ 57,500 ADM to $ 99,995 and they sold !!

  3. Ken Geller

    Still waiting! Placed reservation 2nd Aug 2020, convert to order first day I could in Jan 2021. Reordered when told to in Oct-Nov 2021. No clue yet! Would be nice to get a range of when to expect my Badlands! Granted I have hardtop, 2.7, with tow.

  4. Christopher kramer

    Dealers aren’t supposed to have inventory of Broncos to sell! They are stealing them from long term reservation holders!

    1. Giuseppe Fondati

      Yes they are !!! Those Greedy Stealerships !!!

  5. MJames-Kerchersky

    Right now I am working on 3 Months without a Vehicle. I would like to have some clue on how Long this wait is going to be for my Reserved 2 Door Black Diamond Bronco.

  6. Rhonda

    I reserved 7/23/2020 converted to order 2/16/2021 made to reorder for MY2022 10/13/2021 still no build date no swag nothing. I see so many soft top issues I would not delete mic. I also want what I want and have waited a long time so I will continue to wait. Sold my daily driver 2 months ago.

    1. Bill LANGNESE

      Still waiting for my order that was last April for the ford Bronco base

  7. John Pearson

    I’d just like to see Ford offer heated seats with the Manual Transmission. They have bundled it with the remote start package, which is very odd since remote start has nothing to do with heated seats. If it isn’t obviously, remote start doesn’t work with the manual as they don’t want to deal with the complexity of ensuring the vehicle is out if gear.

  8. Lady13

    Ordered my badlands Bronco in March of 2020. It was the second day reservations were being accepted. I have my husband to thank for this because he was the one who wanted me to go for it. Somewhere along the way, we made the concession to switch to the soft top because we were told it would get it here sooner. After over a year and a half, we got it! We’ve been enjoying it since November 24th and it is absolutely AWESOME! It was so worth the wait!

  9. David P Phillips

    Bout ready to tell Ford to Eff off! Ordered July 2020. Told March 2021 that mine was processed. After Antimatter Blue was deleted I re-ordered different color October of 2021. Dealer tells me dont expect until March/April 2022…. Hard hard can it be to build a two door with the seven speed?

  10. Timothy Trudell

    If Ford doesn’t restrain it dealers from gouging and marking up these Broncos as they arrive for delivery. ….. there brand will suffer …. imagine waiting for over a year and then have the vehicle’s price jacked up … arguing and drama inside a showroom are is not a recipe for customer satisfaction….

  11. Giuseppe Fondati

    Yes it will create many pissed off customers who will stop shopping Ford. The Gouging must stop !!

  12. Bivoj

    Ford needs to start selling direct to consumer and disintermediate the dealerships. That is the way of the future.

  13. James Brehm

    Ordered mine in Aug 2020 and latest update I had was Dec of last year, nothing since. I have gotten some swag, but no idea of when mine will be available. I sold my Ford Truck over a month ago and hoping to get the Bronco soon to replace it.


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